Once a year I take the liberty to post something completely unrelated to the topic of boys :3 Readers of my personal blog (and the ones who listen to the music I post with pictures here every now and then) know that I fell in love with the Danish Electro Folk band Valravn a while ago and I’d love to hear what you think about them :) If you’re more into danceable music, keep watching the video, it gets more energetic after the first short interview bit. Liked it? Part II.


7 thoughts on “Valravn”

  1. Yay valravn \o/

    And Anna promised me they’ll be coming to Finland again next year too. Definitely looking forward to that!

  2. That was a good piece, indeed. Josh, your musical tastes are not only quite varied, but quite good also. Nicely done, again, as always.

  3. @ZiggyStardust
    The minute I heard this group my first thought was also of Omnia who Josh turned us onto over a year ago with their spectacular rendition of Poe’s “The Raven”. My god! Where would we be without Josh to lead us in the paths of righteousness? What next? Omnia setting “Zarathustra” to music?

  4. Music for grown-ups. I rather liked them. I was going to write something along the lines of: “They have the rare ability, in a band, to make make six minutes feel like three…” but then whoever produced the video broke that particular spell by inserting an interview with a band member (twice!) into the middle of the song.

    Dear oh dear….*shakes head*

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