Did any of you guys enjoy the feature film En Tu Ausencia? Would you like to see more such films?

I’m the guy who made (wrote, produced, directed, composed) the film, and I now have a new fab script, and a rather ideal young actor to shoot my next feature, but need 10,000 to 15,000 US$ investment into it to start shooting in January in Argentina. My films cost next to nothing to make (I have everything in place, own the equipment, and my team all work for the love of), and get further and further every time (my last film just premiered in the competition section of the Tokyo film festival). But they are very much indie projects and rely on the help of individuals like yourselves.

Being a real fan of milkboys and its diverse, often clever even inspiring posts, I suggested to exclusively offer this blog regular news and features on the real-time creation of a beautiful film whose moral boundaries will, once again, be taken for a little push, with a stunning and deserving actor at the helm.

I realise of course many of you that check out milkboys won’t have that kind of income, so just enjoy the process, (and buy the film later!) but just one of you might. I suggest you check out the blog for more pics, and a business proposal there for the film’s ‘executive producer’. Check out my other works here.

Thanks to all, and thanks to Josh



35 thoughts on “Vuelve”

  1. If the complete movie will be as provoking as this minute-of-concept, it will surely be a great movie; a bleeding soul with golden skin and fury eyes.

  2. wow, that looks pretty good, for as little of it as we can see.
    and, good grief! the boy’s eyes shown at the end of the clip are beautiful.
    thanks, josh…

  3. Amazing…. and so alluring. A young male Carmilla. You just want to fall into his eyes and lose yourself in his touch.

    Thank you, Declan and Josh!!! <3

  4. Thanks guys
    (I’m the one who’s going to make this movie).
    I also have a new concept of how to make it, some of you might be interested. I’ll keep posting here.
    Great support from you guys for my first film (In Your Absence)! My second film (Brecha) is in festivals, you can check out the trailer:

    I’m finishing the edit of Primaria now. Should start shooting Vuelve in 5 months time.

    1. Hey it’s great to see you keep up working on the movie, Ivan I’m a veeery big fan of your movies and the concept you write in them so, I really hope you can send “Brecha” to the market, I’d love to see it.

      Thanks for your great movies, don’t ever forget no matter what producers and business guys do, there’s always an audience that support your work,

      Regards from Spain :)

      1. I, as well, hope that Brecha will be released for sale. The trailer has me very much intrigued. If nothing else, you know how to make a good, teasing trailer that make people want to see the film. I wish had $15,000 … I’ve always wanted to go to Buenos Aires, anyway.

        Good luck with the film.

    2. I’m getting a ‘this video is private’ block on this trailer. Any other way to see it?

    3. Ivan. Please contact me through the board or get my email from Josh. I’m a programmer for a festival in the US.

  5. I have been trying very hard to obtain the quoted movie En Tu Ausencia, but failed…:-(.
    Maybe one of my colleagues at this forum have an idea where I can purchase it?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Its on amazon in the US, Canada, and England.
      It’s coming out soon in europe though, if you can wait just a little…

      1. As regards ‘En Tu Ausencia': If I remember there are a couple versions. One longer than the other. Perhaps the writer/director can shed a little light on the differences.

        I initially saw this on the web, and the copy was beautiful. With the copy I received from Amazon though, the digital origins of the photography were much more in evidence. Maybe there was a compression issue. I don’t know.

        Perhaps I’m old-school, but there is nothing like the look of film to pull you into the depth of a story, and nothing like the flatness of digital film to break the fourth wall. Barring that, I’m not sure where the technology is with post-processing to create the film-effect digitally. I suspect the quality of the digital camera used to capture the initial footage plays a big role.

        As to the film itself, the story is well-written, well-acted and well-directed. A truly beautiful film. My only issue is with the the more technical aspects of the cinematography.

        1. @Curious:
          “Perhaps I’m old-school, but there is nothing like the look of film to pull you into the depth of a story, and nothing like the flatness of digital film to break the fourth wall.”

          So true. I feel the same way about making/seeing quality photographs and seeing movies made with FILM. Although digital cameras are making great strides, they still can’t yet match the beauty, quality and “projectioness” of film. What so many people mistake as digital “quality” is really only their ability of “instantaneous,” much like Polaroid did/does for film photography.

          And while we’re on our way up to 20 MegaPixels of resolution (and maybe more), for me, there’s still no replacement for that good ol’ silver for enlargements and the 3-D “feel” of a high quality FILM photograph and movie. (Just objectively compare [critically] a 20″ x 30″ or a 30″ x 40″ enlargement by both and you’ll see what I mean.)

          I love the convenience of digital, particularly when I’m at auto shows and when I use some of these photos to put on T-Shirts, but I’ll still have my Nikon F-series with their lenses for my most serious photographs. I would love to have 6×6, 6×7, or even 6×4.5 format and some 4×5’s, but it’s just too much expense for me now. ‹(•¿•)›

  6. I just bought En Tu Ausencia at Hastings….of all places. It’s not a ‘perfect’ film by any measure, but the cinematography is exquisite, to say the least.

  7. I saw “En Tu Ascencia”and it was beatifull, the story, the end, the scenery and offcourse..the boy!.
    I posted this request from Ivan immediately on my daily blog hoping to get him enough support very soom.
    He has da best platform in “Mikboys” to acchieve this, so this must strike you ego , b it even a tiny bit, Josh?!.
    Trailer look again promising, exactly the right pace of filming.
    Greetings from Holland: –

  8. Hi Ivan –

    Best of good luck with the new project.
    I’ve been trying to purchase your other movies, but on Amazon they’re listing them only as in Region 1 format (US). Do you know if and when they’ll be available in Region 3 (Europe) format?

  9. Very cool But yes like was mentioned earlier it is freaky. But it is the type of film id love to support but being a poor ass American. All i could give would be able 100$ which would maybe pay for the tp they would use during the filing of this upcoming shoot. I wish you lick IVAN

  10. Octavian, if you go to you can get a list of hacks for just about any dvd player which will allow you to player multi-region instead of Europe only. It is very simple, just tapping in some numbers on your remote, usually with the dvd tray open. It re-programs the coding.
    Cheers, Geoffrey

  11. Intriguing. I hope you succeed with this venture. I’m tempted to invest in it myself.

  12. What about En Tu Ausencia 2, with Gonzalo again? That would be very cool. He could be interested in the environment and go around doing things in that great scenery.

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