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  1. Uhh I wanna smoke what he just smoked :-) … but I love the colors in the vid. Every color just adds to the beauty of his blue blue eyes. Very nice find Josh

  2. Check out “my childhood pt 1″ on his YouTube channel. A fascinating story. I admire the strength that transgender people show.

  3. Poor kid… Even if the way he makes up his face might be fancy right now – it is not difficult to say it will be totally out of fashion within just a couple of years.
    I just immagine what would have happened if I would still have to stick to the style I thought that was fancy when I was just some years younger. I´m changing all the time – maybe the moment I stop changing or develloping is the moment I die.
    He takes off himself the freedom of change. The freedom of saying: Yesterday was yesterday and it was OK – but today is today – and now I am thinking and feeling different.
    Regarding his mental situation I would tend to say: Maybe that kid is already dead – He is just starting rotting down.
    I wonder what went wrong in his live. Poor kid.

    1. if u look bak on my other videos you’ll actually see that i have alot of variety ^-^
      anyone who knoes me knos dat i’m a creature of change infact :o
      take a look at “亀裂 oONEZUMi ^-^” or “FAGGOT FAGGOT FAGGOT” or “i’m cute, leave my genitailia out of it” or anything really
      i change constanty >-<

      but yes :o poor me :/ wut went wrong is da unfortunate soul to body placement lol _._
      hard to deal wif mannnnnn
      tough shittt

  4. Hmm… well i dunno if this person is in drugs or something XD but actually i think is SHE not HE…

  5. TheGuyNextDoor thinks that this shit is fucked up. Why do you have to mess up your face like that just to stand out in a crowd. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy was cute at one time, but that was the time before he did this to his face. I can’t stand looking at him, let alone listen to what he has to say or even kiss him. I had a friend once who was a normal boy with nothing special going out around him, then he decided he would look cool if he started smoking and drinking. One day he and his new buddies decided to go out drinking all night, but it was too much for him as he was 13 at the time. The next morning his mother found him dead in his bed, she never even knew he was out and what he was doing. It’s almost five years since he died. I’m not saying its right for a unpopular kid to do such things but, people of the Milkboard I ask you! Why would a kid who was good looking and popular, do such a thing to his face. Does he not know how horrific he will look when he turns 30 or 40, even 50. Pierce your ear or your eyebrow but stop after that, why go to such lengths, why overdo it, why? Btw first post yay me!

  6. Some strange comments here

    @TheGuyNextDoor and @Felix, I’m sure his mom would agree 100% with what you write. What you seem to have forgotten is that being young is not just a preparation for being old, just as being alive is not just a preparation for being dead. Young people are alive in ways which older people are not; like most other things on Milkboys this video is an opportunity to celebrate that fact, and for us to forget the lie that older people ‘know better’.

    @Emeth, look just a few posts before yours: billy wrote something very truthful and moving there, maybe it can help with your confusion :-)

  7. He is really cute and seems so sweet – but i can’t comprehend the piercings….

    And he has a huge hole in his ear, too.
    I mean , that one above his nose must go to the bone – ouch!
    But to each his own , i guess.

    I prefer bracelets and necklaces , myself .

  8. @BoyMagnet

    I cannot celebrate the fact that somebody is just fucking up his live. Freedom is not just the freedom of doing whatever you want – it is also the freedom of not doing it.
    If you reach the point you have to proove things – you lost your freedom. You became some sort of accessoire to other peoples´lifes. Playing a certain role you cannot leave any more.
    This boy has reached this point – and that´s the reason why I do feel sorry.

    1. @Felix

      If you don’t get it, you don’t get it; most people don’t, so I’m not really writing this for you, I just can’t help myself here.

      First you write: “Freedom is not just the freedom of doing whatever you want – it is also the freedom of not doing it.” This may be true: some people prefer to live in jail, and they commit crimes specifically so the police will arrest them and lock them up: is that what you mean? Parker seems to have made some big choices in his life: how does this relate to them?

      Second you write “If you reach the point you have to proove things – you lost your freedom. You became some sort of accessoire to other peoples´lifes.” I can understand this argument: proving things is tough, particularly if they are difficult things to prove. For example, to prove that I can reach the top of Mount Everest without breathing apparatus, this will take up most of my life in training, raising money to go to Nepal, it will leave me little free time which I could otherwise spend happily watching TV. Personally, I would rather spend this time watching TV, but I still admire and respect people who choose differently, as you could too if you didn’t have something to prove. What is it, by the way?

      1. The point is that the only person you have to proove something – that is yourself. Some years ago I realiced that I did actually not have any picture showing me on the greatest moments of my (younger) life. Maybe because it was clear to me that I could not take a picture of a feeling.
        From outside I did remain the same person – Just it felt like I was growing inside me. “Heroe-Feeling-Inside” – but almost the same “nothing special” outside.

        Maybe you know people that dress up or buy things in order to impress. For example: To buy the best computer in order to make others belive that you do know much about computers. Yes this actually works in some way. Others look at you and think: Wow – that´s a crack. Maybe the only one that knows that you´re not a crack – is yourself. You can simply not fool yourself. But some desperatly have a try.
        And this is again this kind of slavery. People who do something in order to impress or convince others are the slaves. They become “furniture” in other peoples lifes.

        I think that boy is just the answer to his maybe hyper-religious parents (yes I watched some more of his videos trying to get his point) who are stupid enogh not to respect that their kid thinks and feels different than they expect him to do.
        Seen from this point of view it´s close to irony that he makes himself somhow a crucifixus by nailing himself to an invisible cross. That´s some sort of crying for help. He is cought in his parent´s way of thinking without finding an “appropriate” exit even thogh he desperatly wants out there. Nobody just can escape his “education” or “socialisation” just by wiping over it.

        Once my father told me something that I found to be true, quite often: People that lie – talk for much. Meaning people overacting in some way mostly do have their problem just at this point there overacting at.

        This boy is defnetly not a strong personality that just decidet to go his special way. He is a very weak and vulnerable person. And he defnetly needs some friends that stick to him. But being somebodys friend does not mean just saying: It´s so phantastic what you´re doing and are. Being a friend means to be honest.
        As the boy from next soor said: It´s not difficult to “read” this boy – just because he is crying out so clearly.

        But we do live in the medias time. Many just forget that it is not all just fiction you can watch on your computer or on TV. Most of us are used to see bodies fall apart in games or films. So it´s not special any more that somebody is just making some additional holes in his head. Entertainment. Pretty eyes. I wonder if some SS-men in Asschwitz did say so about some jewish boys: Pretty eyes… I´m quite sure that at least some thougt it. It´s pleasant to look in these pretty eyes – but it´s not worth to think about what´s really happening. It´s easier to find an easy answer that allows you to keep away from responsibility.
        Sorry but talking about “pretty eyes” is just like hearing somebody crying for help – and talking about his beautiful voice.

        1. Hello to all that bother with reading on. To answer Felix’s query about the… the behaviour of guards and officers at the location stated (and the others). Yes. The little boys, the little girls, the handsome young men and women? Those there because somehow, by some twist of the mind they where assigned yellow stars, pink triangles… there where more than that. They where fair game, at the mercy of any passing whim. “He has pretty eyes”?

          This boy I shall not presume to judge. My eyes say he is pretty, in a sort of punk/geisha way. Judgement is the province of those that know and love him: It is they and only they that can and may do anything necessary (which is most likely “let him bide”.

          Please do not speak of evil things. There are places that yet stink of sweat and death.

          Hardly in high spirits,

          Giles Paul Arthur Martin.

          (Yes, the server is in St Petersburg – the one in Florida :-\

  9. What a sad video about the psychological impact being hit in the head several times with a nail gun. Its amazing he is brave enough to talk about it.

  10. Also süß is er ja, aber für meinen Geschmack übertreibt er es mit dem Gepierce.
    Bist du gepierct, Josh?

  11. Not my cup of tea at all. But live and let live, each to his own etc.

    Do your earlobes ever shrink back when you stop doing that to them ?

  12. A few piercings are cute, but he went overboard, and it wouldn’t hurt if he went outside for a while and gave his skin at least a little bit of color.

    1. he looks so white cause of the editing he uses. I dont think hes seriously that pale..and even if he were so what. XD

      1. no, i’m actually really fucking white lmao XD
        i avoid sun at all costs…. never a fan of tan….
        i rly only like nearly white skin or nearly black skin
        inbetweens r boring :/
        cept arabian kinda skin :O sooo awesome

        1. Hi, I stumbled across this site a little while ago and after watching your video and reading the comments, I added you on myspace. Simply because I like people with open minds and you seem like fun.

  13. This boy is a walking voodoo doll. That, or he got into a fight with an electric stapler and lost. He’s obviously the victim of catastrophic parenting. This poor kid needs attention, he’s not getting any, ergo the effort to turn himself into a peg board. But there’s a method to his madness. He knows there is a subculture of guys and girls out there that will accept and love him.

    1. if i’m not getting attension den why da fuck r u posting on this message board dat random ass people made of me without me knowing? XD
      idk y this video has so many god damn views compared to my others O_o
      i think its because its the only video i have with “piercings” in the tags :P

      but hey! look on the bright side, anyone who doesnt like my peircings is just on jeffree stars side of da argument lmao XD

  14. Funny how many of you act like you know *anything* about him.

    He might just like the way he looks like — without any need to proof anything. Ever thought about that? One should think that people like us, people who are part of a minority that has to fight against prejudices and ignorance every day would be a bit more open to different ways of life but it looks like many of us just do the same thing as Joe the Plumber… acting like a hobby psychologist and thinking that only our very own lifestyle is good, right and sane.


    1. Sadly you are right Josh.

      I look at these comments and sigh in sadness sometimes, this time it’s not the “I’d do him” comment but the “ZOMG he could have been so cute, but now I hates him” ones that make me sad.

      Milkboardies… He is obviously happy in his look so why do you have to impose YOUR morals on him. It is ultimately HIS life to do with what he pleases, for you to sit back and tut tut “Well, I never” is no better than the Bapist church committee in the deep South USA tut tutting about people who find young men attractive “Those creepy pedophiles should burn in hell”

      1. Live and let live.
      2. If you can’t say something nice then STFU

      1. well spoken :D <3
        & ur absolutely right
        i has my piercings because i like dem, i dress da way i do & like da things i like because I LIKE THEM not cuz anyone tells me to or cuz they're cool & shit
        ifthey were cool u people would like them :P
        but i dont do me fo u, i do me fo me ^-^
        i'm a human being wif more peronsality & depth then only my appearance
        its a shame most of u guys cant look past da cover of a book _._ tsk tsk tsk

    2. I agree with you completely Josh. I was shocked at all the negative comments as I read them. Yes indeed, it would seem that people here of all places would be more open to those who act differently. And your comment about all the armchair psychologists is spot on. I have noticed for quite a long time now how rigid, and repressive many of your blog readers tend to be. So many defending the status quo when it should be exactly the opposite, given the nature of the blog and your own open and welcoming attitudes Josh.

      1. Hey – it´s not a question of tolerance at all. It´s completely ok to be gay – and it´s even ok to have some piercings, too.
        As it is also ok to jump from bridges with a rubber-rope fixed at your legs.

        The point is that it es not any longer a quesition of tolerance if somebody is on the way to jump from a bridge just so – and you honestly feel that this will end up in desaster.

        OK – He´s fucking up his face – his decission… But sure that it is a decission? Maybe it is already beyond his control. He is maybe not acting but reacting. Acting just because he believes that he has to.
        Remember a group of kids that killed another boy by kicking his head while he was already lying on the floor? Most boys later sait at the police that they had the feeling that they had to go on kicking because the others were still kicking, too.
        Doing something just in order to keep your friends. Keeping maybe the only thing to hold to being left in your life. If this fear is strong enogh to make you a murder – it es even stong enogh to make you your worst enemy.

          why do people keep relating me to murder & suecide XDDDDD
          PLURRRRR my good sir, plur

          p.s. O_o da statement about piercing urself becoming out of ur control is juz rediculous

  15. Dear Milkboard owner guy. TheGuyNextDoor has something more to say! I will not pretend to know “stuff” or to have lots of XP in life but I do know one thing and that is that there is a line, a line that you simply should not cross. We the people of this board are what we are and not what we could or should be because if we are what we want to be then our lives would loose any meaning. I can understand how a boy like this must feel, for him to go this far. I know what drives him to make the choices he makes, I know that in the end it doesn’t matter. In the end he is still the same boy that he was before he did all this to himself, the only difference is that now people will approach him with caution and would think twice before they talk to him, I know I would as I was in his place not so long ago.

    TheGuyNextDoor (this is not me, it’s my neighbor, me = the original GuyNextDoor, the post above) thinks that this boy is spoiled and a product of poor parenting. Kids like him are seeking attention and try to get it however they can, from the looks of things I can assume he tried and failed many times before he decided to massacre himself like that! Milk guy you need to understand one thing, there is a reason behind everything, this boy had a reason to do all this to himself and whatever the reason was it’s not worth it. To change the way you look and especially if you looked like that why the hell would you go and pierce yourself on so many places, not to mention how uncomfortable it must feel. My neighbor is thinking that he does this for attention. I think the same thing as the following users: erkdoc2, horselips, and all the other guys above with stupid nicknames (common wtf? be more creative) that have a similar opinion. There is no reason for a person to go that far. As we both said in our previous post, pierce one or two things but stop there, why overkill?

    Note: Please note that TheGuyNextDoor – 1 and TheGuyNextDoor – 2 are two different persons and express two different opinions witch may or may not be similar in some ways. Both persons may or may not be younger and/or older than 18 years. Please be advised one or both of the persons posting this may or may not have been drunk and/or high for whatever the reason may be at the time of posting. Thanks for understanding. If you have any more questions… just stfu and go watch some TV.

    1. “I will not pretend to know “stuff” or to have lots of XP in life”

      “I know what drives him to make the choices he makes”

      contradiction much?

      1. Nope just a little. Dear Milk owner, even a blind monkey can see thru this boy, it doesn’t take a genius to figure him out. And when I said the thingy about the XP and the “stuff” I did not by any means tried to apply that I don’t know anything because I do know something! Not everything but something and that’s enough for this situation. People like that make it easy for people like us to read them because they want to be read, it’s like one of those books with the hard covers and locks and brackets and when you open it you realize it’s just a regular book. We all try to look good in the eyes of others but this boy fails and thus decided to attract more eyes on him by making his covers more… well you got the picture, or at least I hope you did. By the way does anyone know what the song in the background is? I tried asking him but he said he wouldn’t tell me because I insulted him.

        1. You are not very clever are you TheGuyNextDoor, you also assume WAY too much. Think you can read him? I say “bullshit”!

          “We all try to look good in the eyes of others?” Where do you get off talking about me… this boy… anyone else who decides to live an alternate life away from the morals imposed by white middle America?

          I think you need to stop waving your walking cane at the youngsters playing on your lawn and actually appreciate that they have the absolute right to set their own direction in life and that you have less than zero right to arch an eyebrow at them.

        2. Dear TGND,

          if U had said: I don’t agree to what the boy did to himself, I’d say: U dont have to – its none of Ur buisiness.
          Makes me sad, U try to impose Ur lifestyle on that boy, U just know from a picture.

          On the one hand U Urself live a life not quite to “normal” standards – as I do, and U shurely expect to be accepted here. So on the other hand, why don’t U give the boy the same credit of being accepted for what he is — and not only, what he looks like.

          Prejudices seem to have sunk in rather deep.

          1. Dear Jayden, how the **** do you know that I have a cane? Are you some kind of a stalker or something? Or are you just assuming that I do by what I said and how I said it? So it’s not okay for me to make assumptions but it’s alright for you to do so? How is that right?

            Dear ty1, I don’t try to impose anything on anyone, I’m just sharing my opinion. If I went around and told all my thoughts directly to the boy in the video then I would be imposing. You too are quick to assume that I’m like you, witch I am not. I’m just a random guy that is NOT even over 18 years old and passing buy this board. I don’t want to be accepted here, if I did I would have made a comment like “OMG he’s good looking I want to kiss him, OMG he’s cute, OMG I want to… etc” The boy, no matter how you look at him is a walking needle thingy (the thingy where you stick the needles so you don’t loose them, forgot what it was called).

            I don’t know why most of you pedophile guys think that you know everything and are always right, it’s stupid.

            1. And how do you know that all people here but you are over 18? Don’t you even realise that you play the same game?

              (It’s called ephebophilia by the way — unless the person is under 18… then it’s just called being gay.)

  16. Male…female?…..doesn’t really make any diffrence……jst because the imagry here doesn’t fit in with some people’s preconceived notions of who somebody else should/shouldn’t be…..nor can one judge from a video as to what that person’s thinking or feeling or what reason they would have to have piercings/tatts/etc……interesting vid, interesting person…certainly not from the cookiecutter polyester time zone…..nd yes, somebody i’d like to know (i find people interesting)…….no passing judgements from here. Deffo their own person.

  17. I’m not going to be judgmental here and criticize the kid or attempt to psychoanalyze him. I just don’t find him attractive because he doesn’t tick any boxes. Sorry. Even if it’s possible he’s looking for attention or going through a phase, we don’t really know enough about him to make such an assumption; other than the fact that he’s a teenager, which is just a stereotype. And Josh is right; we of all people should be above stereotyping others.

    1. i’m 20 actually :F
      but thank u for referring to me as a teen
      i’m juz rly slow developmental wise tehe ^-^

      but oh oh can i guess? :D
      are ur boxes….
      & hairy?
      cuz daz like everything i’m not lol :B

      1. Actually, no, those are pretty much my boxes for people that turn me off. The only one I don’t mind off that list is tall.

  18. This person is fantastic. I even like what he is saying. It reminds me of some poetry that I like.
    Certainly I would cherish him as a friend far more than his detractors commenting here who sound like a miserable bunch of barking bitches, the kind that need a good kick in the face when they start yapping at your heels.

  19. For some unknown reason he reminds me of Micheal Jackson, that said he does nothing for me.

  20. I know hes cute and everything but I find him and his conceited attitude extremely annoying. I’ve seen loads of his vids and just..ugh. He needs to stfu.

  21. and I just got done reading some of the horrible comments here.

    Where do you lot get off on commenting about his face? Like someone else said, we of all people should not be so judgemental. I like piercings and boys with piercings and I think Parker is very cute ! My opinion of him comes from how he acts&talks, not how he looks. I think he’s cute but he also really grates on my nerves. XDXD really theres no need to comment rudely on how he looks =\

      1. Youre welcome I guess? I just..find you kind of rude. The times ive spoken to you, you haven’t been very nice.

        But idk, I can’t say you’re rude when I don’t know you. Its just my personal view.


        1. aw weird i’m sowwy :O
          idk who u r & i dont remember ever rly talking to u but i’m super nice O_o
          too nice sum people say XD

          maybe u could refresh my memorie on how i wuz rude & wut u said to make me be rude? :/
          cuz usually i only be rude if someone is ignorantly closeminded about my trans situation
          i dont rly get upset over anything elts :o

          i mean u pretty much told everyone that theres no reason to make fun of my appearance but my personality is insult worthy :P tehe
          but i did a silly reply cuz i thought ur comment wuz fuinny :3 i didnt go off on u or anything so idk where u get this idea of me being rude from >_>

          show me sum evidence… :c

  22. I’m not sure everyone that’s left a comment understands. Parker is a 20 year-old FTM transsexual. Parker chose to “come out” about a year ago and began life as a male. That said, I can really understand the turmoil and chaos in Parker’s life prior to this event. The expression of emotions, physical appearance, attitude etc. are all probably affected by past history. Hair color and style, makeup, body piercings and other visual appearances may be a little bit outside the “norm” of the mainstream world population, but I can understand the need to deal with those powerful emotions and feelings that trans sexuality has had to produce. I accept Parker as he is now and would not make any judgment about his choices as an adult. He is not a child and therefore able and capable of making any decision that affects only him. Although I would not choose to present myself in the manner that Parker has, I fully support his choice of doing so and would not allow his outward appearance to affect my attitude towards him, if I knew him. If you visit his you tube account and watch the first video that was posted , then you might begin to understand. I refer to Parker as a “him” and not a “her” specifically out of respect, because Parker has chosen male as a gender identity. Physically Parker might be female, but where it really counts, in ones own psyche, he is all boy!


    Felix. You compared a few facial piercings with brutal manslaughter. I can see the point you were trying to make, but your example was way over the top.

    A common theme in the negative comments seems to be a regretting of things the commenters have done in the past. But he isn’t you. What has happened in other people’s lives has almost no bearing on his life.

    Also Felix, you said “Even if the way he makes up his face might be fancy right now – it is not difficult to say it will be totally out of fashion within just a couple of years.” Maybe he doesn’t care what’s in “fashion”, or what the latest thing for all the cool kids to do is? Not everybody mindlessly follows the crowd.

    1. thank you :D
      & yes daz completely true :O
      if i cared wuts in style especially for wut most people lable me as “scene” den i’d be all over hello kitty now wouldnt i? Xp

      plus, i had no idea my make-up in this video wuz fashionable in anyway >->
      i had juz got done cosplaying lol i had no idea that cosplaying wuz fashionable i thought it wuz nerdy XD
      so thanks i guess? :3

  24. WOW such a truly beautiful face and those eyes are stunning BUT sadly it’s kinda messed up now with an over dose of metal and stretchiness! Don’t get me wrong I love piercings and when they are done right and in moderation they can make an already beautiful person even more beautiful and super sexy, you can see by looking on my tumblr but this is just way too much and takes away his beauty… sorry!

      1. Well ur still beautiful if I look beyond all the metal but yeah it’s ur body you do with it what you like it’s not for me or anyone on here to decide I was merely tossing out my opinion that sometimes too many piercings has the opposite effect of what one intends. I still think all that metal takes away from ur beauty but again it’s your face!

        While I have ur attention I applaud you for being YOU and living by ur own rules and being open about it, all the best!!! :)


        1. well thank u, sir :3

          i think, piercings take way from the face just like curtains take away from a window…
          pretty much anything put on a naked human figure will take away from its simple & natural beauty :F
          but if we were all plain naked bodies then no one would be that interesting lol

          decoration equaling beauty is all about perception of course!
          so no worries, mister ^-^
          just like i’m not a fan of too much red on people [or too much red at all lol]
          beauty is in the eye of the beholder :B

    1. IKR!!!! hahahahaq i always make very long & pointless videos wen i’m tired & den i uplod um & everyone all
      go to fuckin sleep already XD
      i rly need to stop dat :F
      i’m silly

  25. Youth is wasted on the young.
    -George Bernard Shaw

    Some pretty profound insights have been uttered in this thread; all the more credit to the author of the video for provoking them.

    1. ikr! actually i do kinda trip alittle wen i get rly tired but its prolly from all da built up acid my bodys taken ova da yearz
      slighty perma-trip, ya kno?

      but like i always say!
      soberness is da strangest drug of all e-e

  26. Wow, this boy has certainly created a lot of response. This boy, he’s pretty interesting both to look at and to hear drone on. I also really like that Infected Mushroom song he is listening to.

  27. I won’t judge about his personality or look, but this vid is just weird. What did he take?

  28. Josh is adorable. I’m 57 this year; 40 years ago, I grew my hair past my shoulders and dyed it with vegetable hair colorings, not much different from today’s colors (I preferred blue, green, red with two bleached white stripes framing my face). I usually changed the colors on a weekly basis. I braided my hair when wet so it would poof out when brushed after drying. All this took hours in front of a mirror, just like Josh. I’m sure I drove my parents crazy, but I graduated from a university and have had a very successful life. As for all of you who are “worried” about Josh’s appearance when his tastes and ideas change in the future, all he has to do, should he choose, is remove a piercing and the skin will heal as before. Watching this video made me smile and enjoy his youth, his beautiful hair ‘n skin, exploring himself. For the rest of you, try not to grow too old in your mind.

  29. omfg i cant believe you have parker on here. this is my fucking boyfriend you guys, he doesnt do drugs he was just really sleepy! you guys need to chill. i love parker. just chill everyone. dont fuck with him ok??

  30. omg it would take me way to long to go through & read all these posts XD
    but um… thanks for randomly making sum forum thing about me i guess O_o
    & <33333s to all my supporters ^-^
    all da arguments i've read on here juz seems like a matter of open mindedness xP
    u either accept people, respect people, & see da good in things
    or u make snap judgements on ones outward appearance

    simple book by its cover kinda deal :F
    but hey! dont worry cuz like most of da world sees things da same way & everyone wif negative comments do
    hense why its nearly impossible to get a respectable job :F
    people really need to open their eyes more to self expression & start appreciating every outward expression of art or feelings we put out into da world threw ourselves :3 mhmhmhm

    but honestly, i'm a rly, genuinely nice person :D
    very friendly too
    but if u wanna discuss ur problems wif me to my face insted of on a random forum thingie dat i has nuffin to do wif
    den feel free to contact me by myspace

  31. Don’t worry Parker, a lot of people (me, for example XD) love you very much!
    Your videos are great, funny, colorful,..
    I wish I had a better level in english to understand everything you say in your video X)
    I think you are a very cute, interesting and strong person.

  32. kool, da kid parker found da link!
    i guess my last YT comment must have triggered that…
    i thought you were aware of all the redirects already.
    it’s like 3 weeks after the original post, the milkboys are probably already gone to the newer posts, it explains why you’re doomed to talking to yourself…

    and if anyone reads this, here’s the “WTF is milkboy blog” video answer:
    (it’s kinder than what the title lets suppose ;-)

    And why is your latest comment dated Oct 27? It’s still the 26th today, even on the East Coast! ^-^

    1. idk how da fuck i wuz supposed to have heard about this blog thingie lol >–>
      but wutever lol
      i’m trying to stall time befo i goto bed cuz i’m actually tryin to get on a sleep scedule now a days :O
      [sowwy fo typos, i'm blind till this weekend]

      but yea lol
      goodnight milk pplz :D

      p.s. i didnt make da connection of milkboys to da movie milk untill just now XD
      so kudos fo dat cuz dat movies rly intense… & sad :c

        1. i think i said suttin along da lines of
          “i wasnt trying to be mean wif da title ‘wtf is milkboy blog” or w/e
          i wuz juz confused about diz cuz nuffins eva happend to my youtube like this [only myspace] so its all so new/odd/funny to me :3″

          oh god… now i remember da rest of everything i shit _._
          shit it wuz alot… they took sentances out of random places too! daz fucked up .-.
          well blahhhh arg lolz
          i’m pretty sure diz blog thingie is past its prime now tho, so i’ll leave u guys be lol
          eva wanna chat or has question or concerns juz contact me threw youtube or myspace or yea haha

          night fo da second time o_-

        2. Some comments end up in the moderation queue of the spam blocking plugin but no worries, they will be approved eventually ;)

  33. Parker, I think you’re beautiful, boy
    Ignore the idiot comments and never stop being you

  34. Looks like something from, “The Hidious House Of Horrors.’ Is this kid supposed to be sexy? Gives me the screemin hab-dabs.

    1. Hello, Master Bates. (have you seen a member of my crew? Seaman Swallower seems to have gone missing!

      People have said a variety of things about Parker already, but… he sort of is, I think…

      He’s just so bright and cheerful when well rested – so open…

      There’s a beautiful person inside that translucent flesh with decorated holes…

      The metallic shoes will have heels (he’s 5′ 5″ or so) lol

      I must apologize for jumping so quickly to defend him ( something about him and my damnable paternal instinct (btw, that’s quite impossible given the smallish age difference).

      I do hope watching his video didn’t spoil your lovely weather,


  35. NEYNEY!…. sorry you will always be neyney to me.

    I LOVE NEYNEY and i support every decision he makes
    we’ve had some fun times
    and hes definitely the craziest mothafucka i know
    but i love him to death and i want him to know that.


  36. so, i found this video on youtube where a boy talks about being discussed on … the milkboys blog and i totally missed it!!! he’s damn cute. Scene kid all the way. I, personally, do not need to psych-profile him at all. it’s a youtube vid. for crying out loud. Not his a lifetime biography. Love the style, the piercings and all the rest. We should enjoy. Also, thanks to da kid in da video (great choice of name) for posting the vid in the first place. Keep them coming, cutie.

    p.s “Please make a sister site called MILFboys k?” milfboys. Milf?

  37. Would this vid be of KennithParker??

    If so, he’s a female-born genderqueer. Idk if anyone knew that, and if this isn’t him that he does sound like a genderqueer anyway lol.

    But he’s still gorgeous =)

  38. PS: I LOVE genderqueers. I’m wondering if I’m not one myself, actually lol. I just worry cuz it seems most female-born genderqueers are only into girls =/

    1. gender & sexuality r two different things ^-^
      u can be any gender & like any gender
      so yes, u can be genderqueer [stating "female born" seems a bit contradictory to da concept of genderqueer xD] & like only boys. juz be who u r & dont worry if theres a catagory for it or not :D

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