Water | Vattnet

James leads a lonely life in a luxurious castle in which his parents run a hotel. He never goes out with friends, spends his spare time in his room and peeks at the hotel’s guests out of boredom. Generally hides in his room, to stay away from his wannabe-controlling mother, who has no insight in the life of her son, James is forced outside when a group of handsome Swedish football players staying at the hotel capture his interest.

When he finds one of the boys injured at the hotel’s swimming pool, James offers his help and smuggles the boy into his room and locks the door. Locked up with a strange boy in his own room, James experiences the complexity of his own sexual feelings and insecurities for the first time.

Water | Vattnet (2012) – gay short film

Thanks to director Marco van Bergen for submitting this :)


12 thoughts on “Water | Vattnet”

  1. Cute.. Wanted to see more though :( Short films suck because they’re well… too short! Sequel? :P

  2. The best thing about this little film is Mr Kersloot, who has shown that he can act and rescues the production from sheer banality.

  3. Sweeeeet short!! The boys are cute (and hot!), hehehe…
    I like the Sweden flag! It’s very beautiful!!

  4. Nice film….
    I once went to Utrecht from Rotterdam. Nothing much else to do on a rainy afternoon but stick a pin in the map and jump on to the train….

    Nice town — but all I can clearly remember is tons of cheese — LOLzzzz

  5. I have recently become facinated with short film as a unique form of expression. There is very little dialogue in this brief segment of a day with a shy and seemingly sheltered young man, Yet it is easy to relate to the struggle with his desire. Because the film is brief and open ended, the viewer is invited to fill in the blanks and speculate on a possible back story and an ending. Films like this will provide a mirror for something of ourselves.

    I thought the acting of the shy young men was very good. For me his body language and facial expression captured the mood and hesitation within his struggle.

  6. It’s an interesting story and I liked it for “what it is,” but also, it seems just a bit too fractured and/or the director didn’t quite know how to deal with some of the nuances of the boys (and story).

    “Because the film is brief and open ended, the viewer is invited to fill in the blanks and speculate on a possible back story and an ending.”

    Yeah, a a lot of blanks and definitely a “back story.” My first question (since his family ‘owned’ this castle as a “hotel”), is why is he “living” in “Room 20″ (on the 2nd floor)? Wouldn’t the entire family be living downstairs in some sort of “apartment,” separate from the rest of the “hotel”/castle?

    Maybe I’m too pragmatic for stories like this. :-) But it was OK, too.

  7. Per usual some miss the point.
    Not only is the boy fighting his own sexuality he’s cloistered in his own world against family and all by his own insecurities. From afar seeing the swim boys he’s intrigued but unsure and embarrassed by his own reaction yet still curious enough to visit their last venue to take breath of them.
    Finding the boy in the stall who most probably had his own misstep on the same road was a unique challenge sort of like finding money on the street, what do you do?
    Me, I would have brought him home too but for this boy this was two bridges to cross at once.
    The shirt under the pillow, the turned from kiss, the run after with found courage but the reality that both still needed to remain cloaked, very subtle and well played.
    Nice film.

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