26 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday *22”

  1. HaHam lol an erection before his dive or swimming, lol, Great picture josh :P oh please email me about the utube star thingy, Thanks
    ~Alex <3 :]
    PS . Soooo Funny

  2. Gee, I think the lad is a wee bit undersized. Although I’d love to find out for myself. I’m willing to find out how good it tastes.

  3. “Some of you must have seen some tiny cocks if you think that he’s hard.”

    ^ This =)
    He does look a bit fragile though, maybe that tiny cock is pulling him over after all.

    PS: The new look is cute :P

  4. Gosh I love divers ….. Cool site Alex but you’d better find a speedo if you want to get on milk boys LOL.

  5. Alex is ALREADY cute, but in a speedo…..?! Whew, I’m getting a temperature just thinking about it :-)

  6. Yeah, funny joke, that guy actually almost made me puke. I just love this diver!! I wish I had that haircolor…

  7. Some of you guys are quick to talk about this kids size,when it’s him up on the diveing board in the almost speedos,and the cheap talk is flowing like the bad case of diarrhea.This is a good looking young lad who maybe a grower and not a showier.

  8. Any fellow who experiences immersion in cold water knows it tends to shrink certain appendages. Equally, if the same fellow works-out and takes food-supplements to gain muscle, also, causes noticeable ‘atrophy to appendage’. Haven’t youz all gawked at weight lifter’s little ‘uns?

  9. woooah… yummy…
    but, i must say, if there is one diver that is HAAWWT, its tom daley, of Canada *sigh*

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