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  1. I definately think Josh has a thing for very young blond boys. Personally I wish you would keep your fantastic site on over 18 year olds.

  2. I agree skinny is cool and I am glad he’s over 18, thats cool too, I can’t believe 21 he sure needs feeding up to get some strength in the arms. Good luck to him and thanks for that info Studentjohn36. I am a stickler for such details.

    1. I do think Kids matter, they are our retirement Generation. Agreed we shouldn’t shackle them to a mainly gay site, leave them find thir minds in maturation staging.

      I’m Bi, and a parent who wouldn’t want kids encouraged to look, which they will to find their photo. Besides this is a useful news site also, and I wouldn’t like to see the law interfere on the milk site. Thanks for your ideas anyhow.

      1. this blog is mainly about teenage boys. if you don’t agree with the notion of teenage boys being regarded as an object of beauty, physically, emotionally, – you’re probably wrong here.

        besides: there is nothing illegal going on here.

        1. I am so glad I need not worry as I so enjoy this site, thanks Josh for keeping it legal. I had just thought this one and a few lately looked a little young.

  3. This boy is beautiful… simply gorgeous.
    I really love the hair and the shape of his body.

    To me, this is what classical beauty is. It is the sheer beauty of youth, growth and development into mature males, just as many feel this about females. I find it sad that people cannot enjoy nudity, sexuality and just being human without being prejudged, labelled and prosecuted.
    Thank you, Josh.

  4. He is an attractive young man. I like his hair and his expression. I wonder what he was thinking. I would like to be able to see his eyes more clearly.

    I agree with Paul’s comment.

    robbygay, your comments appear to deliberately misconstrue what I believe Paul intended. And to refer to kids as “our retirement Generation” seems exploitative to me, yet you worry whether a boy is too young for others to view, to discuss, and to appreciate his beauty. What do you have against beauty? What does the arbitrary age of 18 have to do with beauty, or with attraction for that matter?

    Free your mind, robbiegay. There is no good reason for anyone to fear the admiration of beauty.

    1. Yes Paul and Gnat I guess I have a closed mind about young kids, no one ever abused me, and I didn’t suggest exploitation refering to next gen that way, I just meant to indicate my constructive years gone, I must depend on these younger ones to run the World ok for my final journey.

      I also like this site a lot and hence my 18 year age clause, in my conservative way was well intended. I acepted that was cleared by Studentjohn36. But i take your point ok thanks.

    2. i was thinking the exact same thing. answering “I do think Kids matter, they are our retirement Generation.” to “Age only matters to those that don’t matter. Do not shackle a mind.” is really something.
      not only does it deliberately(?) misinterprete pauls sentence as “i don’t think kids matter”, it also reasons apallingly (“they are our retirement Generation”). if that’s why our kids matter, we might just grow them in labs.

  5. doooo-doop doooo-doop
    doooo-doop doooo-doop
    doooo-doop doooo-doop
    doooo-doop doooo

    my lean baby – he’s so slim
    a broomstick’s wider, but not as trim
    and when he starts to kiss me, then I know
    I love him so, I’ll never ever let him go


    Definitely divine.

  6. Hey Guys don’t make such unnecessary remarks, if he’s too young don’t show it the site says they are over 18 lets keep that standard, and avoid negative public reaction, for both the site and the non-discrimination movements. Perhaps I should say for the sake of Josh and the LGBT movement generally.\

    Personally I was satisfied to be told he was a very young looking 21 year old.

    Thanks Josh for keeping it right.

  7. To expand about being skinny in Western society: It states youth to the average viewer because youth do normally pork up on cheeseburgers/chips/fries/beer every chance they get to shovel it in. I kid you not: there was once a little 130-pound kid seen at “fetish night” in a gay bar in a big city, and many in attendance worried about police raiding the place. Turned out he was 49!

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