33 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday *42”

  1. @Josh – were did you find this beautiful photo?

    R there any more?

    Great Find Once Again. Well Done :)

    1. It’s from PhotoBucket and was uploaded there without a source so I don’t know if there’s any more, sorry.

  2. He’s saying to himself, “That’s the last time I spin the Bottle with a Dragon looking for Oral”. “Next time I’ll stick with that old Queen George, his Dragon can go suck my cock”. “Hang on, this is what caused the third degree burns to my Dick to start with!”.

  3. Quiksilver brand is popular world-wide (founded in Oz in the 70s) so could be anywhere. Wherever it is I wouldn’t mind being there!

  4. A brilliant shot…It’s a teenage boy being well a teenage boy…lol.Love his legs and juicy feet.

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