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    1. I was thinking the same thing. Would you know where could I get a poster size print for framing?

      1. I have no idea. It looks to be just one of the movie ad shots. I generally like most sea-type photos if done well. And this could be no more than a shallow tank studio set against a green screen, for all I know. But I like it anyway.

        My first thought seeing this was the Legend of Maui – when he was pulling the island from inside his canoe with other studly Hawaiian warriors. But that’s just one of the legends/myths. I have a “simulation” painting (of Maui) that was on the cover of the Hawaiian phone book (of all places!), I think around 1987, but not sure. I liked it so much I framed it. ‹(•¿•)›

          1. If you really want this photo, you should go to the website for this movie, and look all around the website to see if they have any promotional photos (posters) for sale. If you don’t see anything, look for a “CONTACT US” or similar “tab” and send them an email inquiring about this poster and if they sell it.

      2. I used to work at a cinema when the film came out, and we had many
        Posters – I think this was one of them… After the film screening had ended, they just went into storage in the back of the theatre… There were loads from dozens of old films – if you call up a movie theatre they’re usually glad to be rid of them! We were anyway!

  1. Max was really great in Where the Wild Things Are, unfortunately however, everything else surrounding the film was one lulzy furry faux-drama mess.

  2. That boy rocks. He lives and is a native to Portland, Oregon, which is where I am! Only could have a boy from Portland done that role. I couldn’t have expected more from him. But, lol, yeah the rest of the movie wasn’t too great.

    1. Having recently relocated to Eugene I find Oregon to be the most peaceful state in the U.S. Was this photo taken on the coast of Oregon? I agree with PenboyX who really does have an eye for detail and seems to an expert at his craft. This is really a beautiful photo and in this photo the boy certainly rocks. Now I really want a print for framing. Thanks for your post. Let me know where I can buy a poster size print.

  3. Hey Josh, what else can you tell us about Blinky? Does anyone know a release date? Is it a U.S. release? I notice the end of the trailer said something about the Irish Film Board.

  4. I have to disagree with those who said “Where the Wild Things Are” was not a good movie. I think they did a tremendous job of recreating the spirit of the book!
    It portrayed a child’s dreams, fears, terrors and displaced anger and rage very well! !

    1. I haven’t seen that movie, but I remember most critics appeared to agree with you with “recreating the spirit of the book.”


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