29 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday *55”

  1. The good thing about this photo, is that after he gets all dirty with the mud, he can take a dip and get squeeky clean all over again :3

    Great photography, and a great model. The way those tiny droplets of water are just hanging on his back is so captivating.

  2. fucking side boob? that’s a woman!

  3. Actually I don’t think that’s a side boob lol its his right arm. Take a closer look. Wonder if he’d mind if I helped clean him off =D

  4. This is probably one of those places where the mud has legendary health benefits, hence the spreading of the gunk.

      1. I mean don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a woman’s beauty as much as the next guy, but I like boys more :)

  5. Hey I like girls who look like boys who look like girls … or alternatively the other way round. :-) I still think it’s boobies and not an arm and a really nice boob at that.

  6. Interesting that it seems to matter if it’s a man or woman. Or better said. If it’s a 13 yo boy, or a grown woman! He or she still looks beautifull :-). The boob can also be a ball holding between arms haha. I also think it’s a young woman. A nice example of androgynous beauty!

  7. pretty sure its the arm. because if its boob 1) thats a huge boob! doesnt really match her body/age.

    2) if thats the boob, that means the only place her arm can be is on top of that boob. however, if thats the case, her right shoulder would be slightly raised. but its not, perfectly flat. which means its got to be the arm!

    as for boy or girl however. its hard to say. i’d say a boy but hair is too long, so it could be girl too. either way, Im not a big fan of boys who look like girls. and vice versa. so i dont really like him/her that much.

  8. Its definitely a girl. Try stretching your arm across your chest and grabbing your opposite shoulder and see if you can get your forearm anywhere close to where it should be for this to not be a boob. Unless he has 5 foot long arms, thats a girl.

    1. Maybe your just not cordinated enough. It can be done, and it has already been tested in front of a mirror by myself and a few friends.

  9. also zooming in, it shows that the breast is slightly curved as it it is hanging and boneless ( o. c. ) .. as well as : if one draws a line along the arm it remains invisible behind her back .. she is a wild girl though as she shows a brouze on the left side of her beautiful back ..

    1. Actually the arm does not remain invisible. Maybe line your drawing is not as straight as you think. As far as the curve you see I find that hilarious. Do you think your forearm is a straight line from a view like that? Meaning, your forearm starts fater from your elbow and gets skinnyier towards your wrist. So if you place your arm in the same position at the pic that small portion with no other view of your arm would look as though it is curving. Try it out. Go to the mirror and with your back to the mirror get into the same position, hand being in the exact same spot and everything. I garuntee according to the way you say you see this pic you will also have a “boob”. Trust me I have already done this, but you have to make sure both arms are placed the same way.

  10. regardless of his/her sex, he/she may help our dreams come true. he/she offers us “pure beauty” and this is what we need. this helps us to see life in this world beautiful.
    do we need to adore boys and reject girls? do we have to oppose our natural preference? i like such girls who help me be a normal man. being queer is queer.

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