22 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday *95”

  1. Such perfection…Right down to his little lower-back dimples. Ya, I look for these things.

  2. O M G – he sooooo reminds me of the great 1960s gay model Sean Patrick. Go to GOOGLE IMAGES and search under “Vintage Twink Sean Patrick” for a bunch of his pics. It’s like he was cloned.

  3. This is a very sexy kid. Fem or stud he can present himself as either. He can also assume a wide age range. Has he considered acting?

    1. And not one comment yet about whether he is over 18. I remember from about 1965 to 1975 you could buy magazines filled with very young teens having sex, even at the corner drugstore in the section with the Playboys. The irony of it all was that sex was illegal for almost everyone then but we laughed at that fact. Fapping was illegal in many states back then, but who gave a damn. Now we are all very serious about this nonsense. We are going backwards.

      1. Fapping (masterbating) and sex (I assume you mean consentual, age mate sex) was illegal? In what states was it a legal issue?

        1. Consensual gay sex at any age was illegal in every state in America prior to 1962. Illinois became the first state in the U.S. to decriminalize homosexual acts between consenting adults in private. I think Connecticut was the second in 1972. All the laws against gay sex between adults were not abolished until 2003. Oklahoma made masturbation illegal until the 1980s. Here’s a headline from October 9 2009 : “Alabama Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Masturbation Law”.

          1. Thanks for the information. That would explain the intense attitude of anti-masterbation that was so prevlant during the 50’s and 60’s.

  4. I can see in his photos that he can put on a demure, innocent and effeminate look. In other photos he can appear mocking and cold if not antisocial. He is certainly attractive but someone I would be cautious with until I got to know a little better.

    1. Ha Ha. Cautious your ass! Holy sh!t, if a boi like him looked at me twice, to get to know him a little better, my opening line would be, “Hi there. Can you use $100?”

        1. Don’t offer him money. Just offer him a ride, and if he says no, oh well. We can keep our dreams.

  5. This lad doesn’t look like the lad that would be after money. He looks like a lad with principals and they don’t start with the dollar sign. He is a handsome lad and yes,I would give him a ride in my car if needed,but that’s it. He is a good looking lad I would be glad to know,and that’s it.

    1. Did you check out his other photos? I percieved him to be a player extraordinaire and lacking in principles other than his self serving needs. It is expected that a model be capable of acting a role in his photo shoot. But my gut impression is of a bright kid with a very cunning kind of intelligence, very adaptable and could possibly be maliciously manipulative. I’d so love to be completely wrong as he is beautiful and fits into my fetish for blonds.

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