What a Gay Exorcism looks like

Someone might want to tell the church(es) that their declaration of homosexuality as a sin is the main reason behind the constant number of incidents involving another sin (suicide).

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  1. This kid is brainwashed to believe he has evil spirits inside of him because he is gay, then abused by this so called “exorcism”. He’s a mixed up kid now, not because of the media attention but by the abuse.

  2. This is just another example of how extreme the Christian beliefs are brainwashing people.

  3. Notice that the “prophet” said she used to be on crack cocaine? HAHAH Yea that was about the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life!

  4. It sounds to me that if anyone that does not bow to her way of thinking she will kick you out, or force an exorcism on you. If anyone is smart they will stay a way.

  5. And some of the ones that come here continue to think I’m exaggerating about religion. Get real, folks. Yes, this is only ONE example of their extremism (“boys will be boys” bullying against gays is another) — but by no means the only ones.

    Religious “moderates” are just one of Dorothy’s musical hop, skip and jump away from becoming active extremists. The vast majority of them “remain silent” in their church pews until they get just one excuse (like something gay-related like marriage) to stand up and defend their fire-breathing pastors and their “god.”

  6. Sad truly.. Casting demons out in Yeshua’s name?

    (We do not cast out demons. God does.)

    Yet then one day they will be fooled by the very devil they claim to be casting out?

    Revelations reveals many will claim to have cast out demons, yet after bowing to the liar? Christ will say to them “I knew ye not”

    Worry less about money and performing miracles in Gods name?

    And more about following the simplest of Gods requests: treat all men as brothers, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

    God has never been quoted once nor has Christ on an opinion involving Homosexuality.

    Many others have spoken in his name *(Levi, Paul)..

    But they were not God!

    Don’t be fooled by the lie foisted by so many charlatans who claim to be “Religious” In Isaiah God was asked about religion and said “Religion is the teachings and traditions of man that make void the word of God.” Christ in his only moment of anger and violence attacked the merchants in the temple who were selling false sacrificial goods to the pilgrims to the temple. They paid much of that blood money in bribes to the high priests of the temple. those same ones who later killed Christ..

    Those who claimed to be JEWS but they were not, they were liars.. Read Hebrews 13:2 and discover who you are.

    Read Revelations 2 and 3( for an example of what a Church should do and who the enemy really is.. 7 Churches described and only 2 are praised for following God.)

    Those 2?
    *Smyrna R2:9 and Philidelphi R3:9*

    So few like those exist today, I have found only one, and even it is still not gay friendly! (again very sad)

    God Bless you with the truth.

    – A Gay Christian

    1. ^^^^^^ Damn! Talk about proving me right! This one has already jumped ….. he only needs the hop and skip to be some church’s fire-branded ‘pastor.’ Talk about GIGO [Garbage In, Garbage Out] — and we assumed it was only “for computers.”

      1. Read what I said..

        Don’t be as quick as the religious to jump to conclusions..

        I am certainly not taking this church groups side.

        That pastor is in it for the money and fame.

        All the wrong reasons.

        If you are Gay be who God made you..

        Fall in love with another person and be devoted to them and God. Don’t go whoring around regardless of being straight or gay.

        See unlike the group you are comparing me to I teach temperance and tolerance. It is not our job to Judge one another, but to live up to the ideals WE EACH believe in to the best of our ability..

        So yeah thanks for the quick nod, but please actually read what I wrote.

        There is not a single person on this planet I will ever call my pastor.. We are all men.

        1. Sorry, but according to the bible,you’re an abomination.Yes, I’m sure you could find a way to twist and turn what the bible says in order to make it appear like it’s saying something other than what it actually says.The bible was written by men.There’s nothing holy about it.No god had anything to do with the bible.Christianity is a religion created by humans, like all religions are.Do you really believe that those who wrote the bible would have been ok with two men having sex? If you do, you’re deluding yourself.

          I’ve heard so many christian say they follow god, not men.But how do you know what god wants, if not told by priests, who are men? Or what,you only need the bible? Do you have the original texts? No, you don’t. No one does. The bible is made up of copies of copies;translations from translations. Do you interpret the bible yourself, or do you accept ow priests interpret it? If you interpret it yourself, then congratulations, you’re doing exactly what most Christians do, including the ones in the video.So what makes your interpretation any more right that the others? Oh that’s right…because it’s YOUR interpretation.

          1. No I have the original texts..

            Bullinger’s Companion bible and a Strong’s Concordance.. I have worked tirelessly to understand what is is God is supposed to have said.. Rather then what Levi says or Paul or James or Peter or John.. Some folks read “red letter bibles” where what God and Christ said are made distinct from everyone else’s words..

            So no. Paul and Levi said “Man laying with Man is an Abomination.” Paul was a persecutor of the Church when he was “called” No I have little respect for most of his writings.

            Unless you understand the division that occurred in Heaven and Spoken of in Isaiah you can never understand the almost contradictory 3 dimensional teachings of Pauls (Who was probably Gay too?)

            God did not..

            It is not a commandment nor is it the golden rule..

            Good on you for listening to liars and profiteers behind the pulpit and not bothering to read the very letter God wrote to you..

            Oh sorry I meant that like the prophecy that says in the end Good will become bad and bad will become good..

            – A Gay Christian.

            1. “No I have the original texts.”

              I truly hope that is obvious sarcasm …… otherwise that is a total lie. No one has any “absolute original texts” of any “bible” because they simply don’t exist. EVERYTHING about “the bible” is false interpretations and falsifications. Every generation of religious liars since “that book” was falsely “written” have “interpreted” it and changed it to suit their (church’s) desires for total control of the societies of their time. That is the entire purpose of all religions — to amass as much total control over entire societies and then to confiscate as much wealth (however you define it) as possible. For that, they have been very successful.

              "Unless you understand the division that occurred in Heaven and Spoken of in Isaiah …"

              That, as well, is pure bullshit. I suppose you do? If you state you do, you’ve just proven yourself a liar. Everything about “the bible” is totally false with the very minor exceptions of certain locales. Which brings up a very interesting fact: How is it that this whole “god/jesus/mary/bs/etc” became to be in the region of the world who, quite literally, had the most ignorant people of the world (at that time)? Read that “story” carefully — being born in a stable, etc …… how much more ignorant can you get …… and then, of course, make it sound like some outer-worldly “god” being “born” there ….. as if a “true god” couldn’t/wouldn’t have selected at least a more “hospitable” location for something so “regal.” Get real.

              And to the video above: all religions must destroy everything even “related” to homosexuality for one simple reason — homosexuality is the one thing that totally disproves everything about any “god” and religion — every religion fears homosexuality more than anything else because it is the absolute proof that there is no god …. never has been, never will be. After all, if they start recognizing gays as they recognize themselves, they will no longer have any “fear of god” to instill onto the masses of societies. That is a fact.

            2. In other words, your beliefs are based on the interpretation of E. W. Bullinger.You reject some parts of the bible, especially the writings of Paul,and accept only other parts. So like all Christians, you cherry pick to fit what you want to believe. You know why there are so many bibles? Because each one changes some words here and there,or completely removes certain books or versus,in order that it may say what the interpreter wants it to say.

  7. What we saw in this video is medieval – it has no place in the 21st century. To most Brits and Europeans it seems almost unbelievable how obsessed some people in the USA are with religion and with imposing their intolerant beliefs on others. In my experience the majority of people in the UK take a ‘live and let live’ approach to life, and for most of those who still belong to a church (probably less than 5% of the UK population) religion is a private and personal thing and they do not seek to impose their beliefs on others. You just wouldn’t get a Westboro Baptist church here!

    1. Europeans have their own struggles — so don’t act so high and mighty.

      But, if you want to understand a piece of America, this type of thing goes on in churches all over the country every week.

      Realize, however, that this is a piece of the USA. This is an extremely diverse country and by no means consistent.


    2. This kind of things happen in Europe too, believe me. American way of life exports itself all around the world, you know. For decades American churches have been implanted all over Europe, and “charismatic” spirituality is quite popular among a respectable amount of European Christians (though the majority despise them)

      But of course in Europe, especially in France I guess, you better stay hidden in the shadows when you participate in such a group. As a kid, I was very careful to get it secret from everyone, family and friends included, so when I discovered later my homosexuality I was already used to secret…

      1. As far as religion is concerned, I think France is doing it the correct way — especially with regard to muslim women and their mosques. I applaud their ways.

    3. Europeans gets a lot of things right now, but only after two world wars knocked some sense into them. People are people everywhere. Yes we have a lot of religious nuts here in the US and they pose a real threat to world peace. But Europe produced Hitler, the Pope and soccer hooligans. And neo-Nazis are still everywhere. We can never become complacent.

      1. Your connection between the world wars and the influence of religion in Europe is as random as it is false. First of all both world wars were started by Germany, not by Europe (which is a difference because, unlike the USA, Europe doesn’t have a single, federal government) and they don’t have anything to do with what is the problem here: Religion.

        The fact that at least the more successful European states are sane enough to make sure they run their countries in a strictly secular manner is in no way related to the world wars. France, who was the first to kick religion out of all questions regarding the government, did so hundreds of years before the first world war.

        1. You seem to have “forgotten” Italy — Mussolini (WWII). No, they’re not all of Europe, but both are most definitely “from the bowels” of Europe. And in both cases, the “European front” was exactly that: Mostly in Europe, stretching into Russia and North Africa.

          And of course, there’s Japan (WWII) which was an almost totally different “front.”

          And then there’s the U.S.A. — the nearly totally rescuer of everyone in both fronts in both world wars. Let’s not “conveniently forget” that. So, I think we deserve some “slack” when it comes to “having” religious nutcases (not for a moment do I excuse any of them).

          I bring this up because of all the (apparently) anti-USA comments on here regarding just about anything — including religion. Just to show you that it’s not “just America” who harbors crazy idiots (throughout history). And, in fact, since our (American) history is quite recent compared to other countries, we actually have very few nutcases compared to the rest of the world and its history. :-)

          1. Mussolini didn’t start WWII, he just went along with it. And the European front was strechting over Europe because many European countries were occupied by Germany. So?

            And still, what the heck has any of the world wars to do with religion? Right. Nothing.

            1. “And still, what the heck has any of the world wars to do with religion? Right. Nothing.”

              Really? Let’s see …………. GERMANY ……. NAZIS …… JEWS ……… NEED I go further?

              And, answering your own question with a false answer — really quite arrogant.

            2. The post was about a gay exorcism; my question stands, how is this related to the Nazis at all.

              And the Nazis were after the Jews for (made up) economical and political reasons, not because they gave a damn about their religion.

            3. Quote:

              The post was about a gay exorcism; my question stands, how is this related to the Nazis at all.

              And the Nazis were after the Jews for (made up) economical and political reasons, not because they gave a damn about their religion.

              Quite right Josh. The only thing I would like to add is Hitler and the Nazis were after the homosexuals as well. They murdered a lot of them. :(

          2. OK, Penboy, I’ve read your comments and many others of your fellow citizens, and I think I should explain a bit what is my feeling about the US, which is more or less shared with many other Europeans. (note that I don’t claim to represent the majority though)

            History is written by the victors. So yes, the US have saved the world. Had they failed, though, we would celebrate the nazis, who would have saved us from the Jews and Bolshevists. As a state, the US went into war for their own reasons, which were certainly more cynical that what is told in official History on both sides of the Atlantic.

            The truth is, neither the US nor Jesus saved anything, people still suffer misery in most parts of the world, and capitalist exploitation has achieved nothing to ease their suffering.

            And to make it clear : I don’t care about the US as a nation. I wish the best to their people, as to anyone in this planet (yes, even to evil Muslims), that’s all.
            But as a model, I’m very concerned by the concrete consequences of its worldwide domination, and the misery it engenders. So that’s why I can’t really feel sorry for the fall of your empire. And it certainly doesn’t mean I’m proud in any way of our Europe, please make us the favour to believe we are not completely blind to the collapse of our own continent.

            1. “And to make it clear : I don’t care about the US as a nation.”
              “But as a model, I’m very concerned by the concrete consequences of its worldwide domination, and the misery it engenders.”

              You have a serious problem of anti-Americanism that is totally unfounded. Yes, we had a religious nut-case for a president that went into Iraq for no good reason. But we did in Afghanistan. But to “base your ideals” of our country simply based on one bad foreign policy of one egotistical president, you have issues that are much deeper than what you attempted to say above.

              “As a state, the US went into war for their own reasons, which were certainly more cynical that what is told in official History on both sides of the Atlantic.”

              Well, in WWII, it was the near total destruction of our naval fleet in Pearl Harbor. Exactly how “cynical” is that? What would you have done?

              There’s other parts of what you said that’s plain stupid, but you continued an off-topic subject that I had to respond to since you named me specifically.

              I have never posted anything that stated I think we (as Americans – people / and America – nation) are “superior to others in the world based just on histories. I said that we saved both fronts in WWII because that is exactly what happened — not conjecture.

        2. Sorry if I pushed some buttons Josh. I don’t think it is useful to differentiate between irrational religious beliefs or irrational political ideology. Often they go hand in hand. Wrong beliefs are wrong beliefs and the result is the same – a lot of suffering.

          I’ve worked tirelessly to improve the political and religious environment here in the US for gays. Those who lack equality need to continue the fight, and those who do have equality need to remain ever vigilant. For instance, Neo-Nazi are resurgent on both sides of the Atlantic. It is dangerous to become smug and complacent. We’re all in this together.

  8. Are there any Americans out there who understand that a lot of their country fellow men are really flew over the cuckoo’s nest? These are no actors with a good feeling how to mimic. In all my live handling psychiatric problems this lady I do not like to see in the waiting room. At least she proofs that most of the patients are free and terrorize at random.

    1. Yes,

      I know we have a lot of whackos.

      Many others in America know we have a lot of whackos out there.

      Please don’t think that every American is like this woman. We are not.

    2. Remember the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease. That saying that the loudmouths are the ones to get face time on TV. no madder where you are.

    3. Every country has their disgraces and embarrassments. The loud, ignorant, fools will always get the most air time where ever you are.

      Given ten minutes, I’m fairly certain I could find similar morons in any other country on the planet.

      1. I’m not really supportive of America (that’s an euphemism), but one great thing you have is a relatively extended liberty of speech. You could find the equivalent of this woman in France, but she couldn’t speak in any major media. In fact, even a moderate Christian couldn’t express on French TV like this woman did, except in particular broadcasts, stamped for “religious content” (so that anyone normal will skip it). We have a “shut up” conception of secularity here…

        1. I’ll take my freedoms of religion (or lack there of) and speech over that.

          Interesting thing though, most americans skip the religious content that comes on our TVs too… and we don’t have any kind of religious content stamp on them. Most of us have access to 200+ channels with basic cable or satellite, why waste our time with religion when there’s SOMETHING else to watch?

  9. I was raised as a devout Christian and in some ways i still am. What i saw in this video was disgusting. It’s downright blasphemous and – in my personal beliefs – not at all the way that Jesus meant for his church or followers to behave. The fact that any person could or would do such a thing and claim that they do it in His name is just mind boggling and a gross perversion of Jesus’ teachings.

  10. That woman is a nutter. Confusing her chemical addiction and habitual behaviour with spirits? Really? And then because she felt so out of control, decided everyone who does not live up to her school of beliefs is then overcome by (negative) spirits? Not to mention all her contradictions… Oh it does my head in, thinking of a world with people like her in it (and the harm they cause others). She would benefit from therapy, and standing down from any role of power/authority over others for some years after.

  11. This woman is as nutty as a fruit CAKE . That cocaine must of burnt what brain she was born with. You can’not put all religions in the same basket as this nutty religion. They have a membership of 25 or so members,so I don’t believe she well rock the Homosexual world into damnation. She talked about Adam and Eve,but how does she feel about incest.

  12. She thinks its wrong for two men to marry…and some people think its wrong that African Americans aren’t still enslaved.

    I’m not saying that they should be (which they shouldnt because it is wrong) but there was a time where African Americans were looked down upon for just the color of their skin.

  13. We never got an answer about whether it all worked or not. Is the guy still queer? Did he end up straight? If he ended up bisexual is that a tie?

    Hmmm. I wonder if she can cast out liberalism….and in time for the 2012 election?

    1. Guaranteed he is still Gay.. God made him that way, and she is not going to change it..

      Lord is she NOT going to change it!

    2. To horselips:
      Shouldn’t you be booing gay soldiers and harassing gay teens to the point of suicide?After all, that’s what right-wingers do.Why are you even on a gay blog if you hate gays so much?

  14. This pastor has gone from ingesting bad drugs to becoming a bad drug herself. She embodies that dangerous ingredient called blind faith.

  15. OMG.

    Well welcome back to the ‘Church Of What’s Happening Now’ (updated comedy sketch). Flip Wilson in drag, and he’s at it again. I guess his old Cadillac is getting a bit long in the tooth.

    Here’s an old clip of him:

  16. [comment removed]

    Admin note: If you don’t want your comments to be deleted try to stay away from racist hate speech. Call it “censorship” and “political correctness” if that makes you feel better about yourself but blatant racism will never be tolerated here.

    1. It is not racism it is however somewhat elitist and pointedly so. That point is, if you bothered to read past the fact that this happened to be a big fat black woman, is that defense of peoples ignorance in the name of political correctness simply because they happen to be of a certain race has confused them into believing they have a voice and a view equal to the educated, they do not. Be it uncomfortable or not, its time to stop pandering to the lazy.

  17. “Why is it that most of the people who are against freedom of love are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place? “

  18. It looks like she was invaded by a greedy bastard demon? Or by a doughnut demon? Or a burger demon? lol. Maybe that’s why she weighs the same as two normal weight women?


    1. Don’t go there please. Her weight has just as much to do with her craziness as the colour of her skin: Nothing.

  19. To Leonidas,I’am Gay and I agree with Horselips. Question,do you really have lips like a Horse.

  20. It’s really such a shame that people form these kind of unfounded and ultimately damaging beliefs.

    I’m glad that Josh posted this video and also that it’s gotten so much attention in other places too. I think it’s important that people see how ignorant people with extreme religious belief can be.

  21. It is not a question of being gay or of being a “true” Christian or whatsoever!

    This woman used to be a severe drug addict and according to her own statements she is a convicted criminal. And just because she lives in the US, and just because she managed to become abstinent from drugs and just because her brain has recovered well enough to allow her to yell “JESUS”, then all that can (and must) be considered the ultimate qualification to become a “pastor”, right?

  22. My $.02 here: I was involved in a really homophobic church from the time I was 15 to 20, sort of fell away, and then came back to it with a vengeance when I was 32. Not as whacko as the Connecticut group, much more genteel and mainstream. But the same core beliefs (homo demons, et al) underneath. By their standards, it is a sin to go into Milkboys at the end the day…. nuts to that.

  23. paul101:

    English translation please?

    Beg your pardon, you really longing for an animated Christian sister like she is in the U.K to get rid of your but above all her none preferable desire? Than be my quest, search and you’ll find and meanwhile maybe you discover how absurd even the church around the corner can be. Neither expects too much hope from a Catholic environment; desire has rocked their roots already.

  24. Pure idiocy. I guess purity is at a premium these days isn’t it?
    well there it is folks…

  25. I actually use to attend one of these churches they speak with “tongues” which is the lords language and i used to get a laugh because my friends older sister would actually speak in these and i would speak nonsense back to her and she was acting like she could understand me. This “Non-denominational” stuff is very weird…. and sad to say you would never see this going on in a white church we just sit there and sleep where as when i went to a church like this one you were always dancing singing like the entire time you were there they had step teams…..its just a whole new experience.

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