When is underage sex under age?

I just found an article about ephebophilia on Times Online. The conclusion might not be the one I want it to be but at least mainstream media begins to tell people there is (and always was) something like ephebophilia and it’s not just some kind of paedophilia.

By contrast, to have sex with somebody who has passed the age of puberty is merely to defy a law of Man — and a pretty arbitrary law at that. We cannot agree between one border and the next at what age a boy or girl is emotionally developed enough to give informed consent: Malta and The Netherlands think 12, Canada and Italy weigh in at 14, cautious Greece holds out for 15 and the good burghers of Iceland go as high as 17.

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  1. isnt it strange that nobody ever claimed the domainname nowhere.com,think about it almost everything you can come up with is benn taken but not this one,till now that is,wanna buy??haha,on the subject i think even 10year old kids know when to say no and if there is no force so let it b,only after parents find out thre comes counseling police and the professionals haha,and the kid gets guiltfeeelings of course and would have otherwise grown up without a trauma but is beeing talked into it,the biggest pervs r cops and priests and…judges!!

  2. Here is what the boys who did “Stonewall” wanted which was paragraph 7 of the manifesto they presented to The North American Conference of Homophile Organizations in August in Kansas City following the riot in June of 1969 in NYC: “We demand the removal of all restrictions on sex between consenting persons of any sex, of any orientation, of any age, anywhere, whether for money or not, and the removal of all censorship.”

    Until we can figure out how to get this into law with all the protections that should be and will be necessary we will remain a divided queer community with the hypocritical leadership using what they have convinced us is good reason in charge, leaving out the boys in order to achieve what they define as freedom. I observed our leadership this week doing just that. They should be run out of Dodge along with the Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist and the Taliban. One word describes them: Disgusting. They are allowed to exist by the leadership of the Democratic Party because they are not seen as a threat to their war/dollar machine. We are!


  3. Good Lord almighty, my husband and I should be in jail as we robbed each other's cradle at age 12 (I was 13 for gawd's sake!). While we were not "done" with puberty, we sure did find out what works for each other LOL. Call it pheones or hormones or a combination thereof, we certainly did learn the art of copulation.

    Recently, we celebrated our 40th anniversary together and are just as much in love now as we were then, maybe even moreso because of life's events and our survival and growth through them.

    Children and adolescents in particular, should be left to their own devices to find their mate. Some old fuck like me or my partner should not be prowling onto their budding sexuality for my/our gratifications though we have thought about just that, though not acted upon it, nor will we. We have examined it closely and decided that those children, those adolescents should find their own mate, just as we did.

    So much time, energy, resources and yes, money, has been spent on deciding what is acceptable for children and what is not. Children and adolescents do fuck, not so much as their natural desires lead them that way, actually it is in defiance and deference to the "system" telling them they cannot do something. We have found this theory to be true as we are both in helping professions where we come into contact with children and adolescents on a regular basis.

    When we have a child come in, we tell them it is ok for them to fuck their brains away if that is what they choose to do, more importantly though, we tell them that their attraction is normal. We pull things out of the Kinsey study, and other studies as well.

    As parents, the important thing to relay to kids is that exploration and falling in love (or lust) is ok. That is to give them the how and what but not the when or where (variable) … and certainly not the DO part.

    My rant is done. I really like your board Josh – keep it up and keep it going.

  4. Joe,

    Go on over to "Inkplum" if you haven't already. Josh hosts it on his server. Done by a great old Radical Faerie. It is linked over on the right under "Blogs".


  5. I agree with pretty much everything here, but just one note of caution about the original article. It attempts to place some kind of moral (rather than legal) age of consent at "puberty" (whatever that is … it's not as if it arrives suddenly overnight or gets delivered in a van). Firstly, note how similar this is to what the mainstream gay movement has done: "men good, boys bad" is simply changed to "older boys good, younger boys bad". I know the issues are complex, but just beware of pointing the finger and saying "I may be bad, but those people are worse! Go after them instead!". And hey, I knew *exactly* what I wanted, *years* before puberty (and I got some of it too, with other boys my own age). http://ethamm.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13

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