34 thoughts on “When they get happy, I get happy”

  1. Oh Hell Yeah – it’s that accent for sure! In fact, he has a really cute accent. I hope somebody talks him into becoming the Speedo Magician. Then I can listen more closely.

  2. He is an extremely cute Manchester boi.

    There is one other Joker of course;

    ” My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the Great Homecoming Fuck Fantasy. I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. I’m in a world of shit… yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid. “

  3. Sure has my vote and yes the accent is really nice and he looks really cute too!!! I know this isn’t the last we seen or heard of this dude!

  4. I’d vote for him. A good lesson to all young people with an interest, hobby, or dream. Go for it, you’ll never know where it’ll take you.

  5. omg no way i don’t believe it!!! i swear i knew it was going to be ben the mancunian magician before i even clicked on the embedded video. (never seen this video or most before of course :P)…how strange, i wowed :O lol

    Some of ya might know that this fella audtitioned for Britain’s got talent this series. :D That’s how I know of him; i dawwd when i first saw his audition on tv lol.

    His audition’s on YT~

  6. Sure you loved the accent, Josh – I do ( even as someone from the south of England!). What I have noticed over the years all young boys from that area, straight or gay, sound pretty camp to me. Am I the only one in the UK to think that?

    1. Lol, i’m South East and think the same thing, so it’s not just you :P there’s something about the accent on younger guys that i find quite… well, charming, in a way.

  7. GAH!!! I’m from nottingham, and we have a generall middle accent, (some of us say bahth and others says baath,*catch ma drift?*) and i must say, this accent is not hot, ….

    His voice is warm and comforting. but gah! his accent is a manchester accent (sorry to alex if he reads this!) but manchester/wigan/liverpoole, infact northern accents arnt hot or anything! whether thats because we’re british, and people who arnt just generally find british accents hot, but it takes someone with a dreary accent to know someone else with a dreary accent!

    Just GAH! but indeed, i love magic, and i feel magic happening there! ;)

    1. Nooo. Manchester’s not dreary. Brum (Birmingham if you don’t know), now that’s dreary! Manchester is HOT, if only because half the HomoEmo guys speak like that!!!

  8. yeah that’s dreary for you. Only thing that actually caught my attention was the synth sound at the start of the clip that reminded me slightly of War of the Worlds. (No… not the film you barbarians =P)

    1. ha haaa, i see wahat ya mean! i played that for my music gcse, “war of the worlds, and “Horsell Common”, but my favorite is “Forever Autumn” !!! thats ma fav!

      1. Both are lovely!! I once taught myself to play the entire A-side of the lp. Still dying for the bass guitar sheet music though!

  9. Pretty nice, always good to see some one making people smile, happiness is a good thing!

  10. The accent just sounds normal to me – do non-british people really find the british accent attractive?

    1. That’s a difficult question since there are so many different accents. Some are very attractive indeed though.

      1. huh! gah! the new doctors greaat! hes the best one yet, cause he’s young and an excellently funny actor! His accent is the queens english; and if you find that hard to understand, how will you ever understand any of the other dialects (eg all of them) that have stemmed off of that?!

        Just one question… if you cant understand a british guy, speaking British properly… how the heck did you understand a scottish guy (tennant) and a lancashire guy (eccleston)… who both have much wose accents!?

        XD NOT to sound pesamistic or anything :/ :D

    2. @Journey: Yes, I think so, or at least *I* do … as long as I can *understand* what’s being said. To me, it generally has a more “formal” diction – compared to our (American) way of shortening the words/meanings.

  11. Fair enough – because on the whole, I find the american accent quite attractive :) Whereas the british accent – not so much!

  12. Seriously hot guy, i love the face, hairs, shoes and his accent is so amazing, in fact, he’s hot =)

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