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    1. My thought, exactly!

      I wouldn’t have the stones to go on stage looking like that! The producers of this performance (anyone know which it is?) surely must know he looks naked from the waist down.

      …and how old is he? He appears fairly young from behind (no pun intended).

      0327 6.5.12

  1. OH! the boy doesnt have his pants on.
    well, im wondering how the girl feels. maybe a date afterwards? lol.

    hey, it should be two boys!

  2. Hahaha it took me a while to realize he actually IS wearing something on his legs, it’s just skin-tight.

    1. I’ll take your word for it….but I still can’t see the tights. That definitely is a ballet butt….one of the ‘perks’ in male ballet.

      1. See that line on the inside of his right leg? and also it’s a different color than his skin. Still, very nice view!

  3. Exactly why I wanted to watch Swan Lake ;)

    (Edit: Does it need to take my Battlelog avatar thats degrading…)

  4. That’s one big bum…mmm I like that. I can only imagine how fantastic it is when he turns around to the audience. Looks very tight, indeed.

    1. The socks look like they’re designed to mimic dropped down jeans don’t you think? Anyone knows more about the production? Anything…? Please enlighten us!

  5. I just got note of the comment by Marcus, i think that a realy great pun, as for the producer i never gave that a thought, maybe it was a woman or if it was a man maybe made of stone, or maybe was able to give him a little spank if he got a move wrong, my mind runs wild. This would certainly prove if one is made of stone or flesh, according to ones taste of course. Mikee

    1. I’m not sure I understand exactly what you are saying, Mikee. Thank you for the compliment, however!

      In case you misunderstood, “stones” is just another way of saying “balls”; in other words, I wouldn’t be able to dress is flesh colored tights and perform a ballet in front of people knowing that I looked naked!

      Maybe I should have gone along with the “behind” pun after all; it is funny after the fact, given that he has the cutest bubble butt!

      I notice that lots of people have difficulty with my name: Markus. German spelling. Born and rasied in Munich, Germany; lived in Zurich, Switzerland for a while, then Amsterdam for a few years, now in USA. Not until here did I ever see people spell it “Marcus”. Perhaps because it is Marco in Spain and Italy, and Marcel in France. Maybe Americans want to have their own version to stand apart. But, I digress, I’m getting way off topic. Sorry!

      0657 6.5.12

      1. Ooops!!

        …”in flesh colored tights…”, not “…is flesh colored tights…”!

        My bad!

  6. Sorry Markus never seen it spelt like that, i suppose i was saying that anyone that young and beutiful can do anything in front of anyone, well nearly, then i was being a bit kinky to try and understand how anyone could deal with a minor looking like that with inparsiality or in other words not want to pounce on them. I think that i envy such indiference or normality if that is what it in fact is. Mikee

    1. OK, I understand better now.

      He does look rather young, doesn’t he? My guess is he is as young as 15. His partner, however, contradicts that possibility in that she looks somewhat older. What is your guess?

      No worries on the name thing. It is also the Latin form of Mark, by the way.

      0914 6.5.12

      1. I don’t know where this is taking place, but I seriously doubt any young male doing ballet in a “costume” such as this would be any younger than 16 for the obvious legal reasons (and I’m quite sure there’s a well-padded “cup” in front). And, more likely, he would be at least 18 (to the day of his first performance) — at least if this was performed in the USA, for sure, and likely most places in Europe. My best guess is that he could well be East-European which is quite known for having boys look look quite a bit younger in the face to their actual years (very comparable to East and SouthEast Asians).

        1. Is there really much difference between 15 and 16 years of age? My guess is that he could be as young as 15, and you doubt that he could be any younger than 16 for legal reasons. What legal reasons? This is ballet, not porn. Have you never seen young boys in ballet practice, rehearsal, or performance? They’re wearing tights, and nobody is getting arrested!

          2351 6.5.12

          1. re: #23/0914 6.5.12; #25/2351 6.5.12; #26/0828 7.5.12; #30/0901 7.5.12

            You clearly aren’t grasping the obvious [legal] difference between sheer and opaque “tights.” And, you appear to be only intent on “proving me wrong,” no matter the sensibilities.

            First, re: the video link you posted — that boy is clearly wearing opaque tights which makes that a huge [legal] difference. And, of course, I’ve seen his age and younger in ballet productions (Nutcracker, for example), but all of them were wearing opaque tights and if I remember correctly, usually, some type of upper garment that generally covered their “areas in question.”

            Second, I don’t know the age or maturity of the boy in the OP as well as the location of that production. He could be younger than 16 and in a country that is not as draconian as the USA and most other countries. I wasn’t trying to “argue” that. I was using common logic and sense about (in today’s political world) what most countries accept for public display of minors (males). And in those majority of areas around the world, there is a huge legal difference between sheer and opaque tights on minors of those ages (and even more particularly males).

            Again, re: the video link you posted — 1) The video quality is so poor (240p and can’t be improved) and 2) the camera “angles” are such that you can’t see anything with any definition anyway. Notice that you never see any close-ups of his “areas in question,” and when you “do see,” it’s always a wide shot with very poor video quality that it doesn’t matter anyway (to those in YouTube who censor them).

            So, I don’t know what you think you’re “proving,” but what I stated earlier still stands — and of course, there are always some exceptions in certain countries who don’t have any problems with these displays — but they are very few and far between. But have the intelligence to see the common sense difference between sheer and opaque “tights” on minor males.

            And lastly, there are some things done and seen during “rehearsals” that are never seen by the public.

  7. This picture is just disgraceful!
    I’m going to look at it a few more times so I won’t forget how disgraceful it is.

  8. Markus has made a very good point, cant see the object of the statement he is refering to myself. Also i fully identify with the two comments above me, i just keep re viewing the pic to see if im still shocked, Mikee.

    1. Thanks again, Mikee!

      I see we (you, me, and Martin) are on the same page. This one! I can’t seem to look away from this either!

      You may like the link I posted in my comment above to PenboyX. The last 2 minutes of the video are key to the topic of discussion.

      0901 7.5.12

      1. Oh man! I just love those last two minutes of that link you posted Markus! I am sure all the other puritans here will be shocked, but there we are.

        1. Good, I’m glad you liked it!

          As for “puritans”, I don’t think many come to the Milkboys website, and for those that do, let them be shocked! That will teach them!

          0512 8.5.12

  9. Hi again Markus, i thought the youtube video is magic, just how a boy should be,also to respond to a question you asked earlier i think the boy in this pic between 12 and 15 i dont think the older woman need negate that i mean she could be in the roll of his mother. I wish i could see his face more but not at the expence of missing his behind. Mikee

    1. I thought that you may like the video; I’m glad you did!

      You make an interesting point! You can see by my previous comment “His partner, however, contradicts that possibility in that she looks somewhat older.” shows that I was having some doubt myself – it never occurred to me that she could be portraying his mother or some other older character. Good point!

      So, since that mystery may never be solved, unless someone has a clue as to which performance this is, we should just go back and stare some more.

      Just curious: do you pronounce your name Mick-ee or Mike-ee?

      0555 8.5.12

  10. Hello,
    oh man, the boy has yet to see Divine, Fantastically, I find it absolutely PERFECT!

    1. Welche Jungen beziehen Sie sich? Beziehen Sie sich auf der einen in meinem Video oder im Foto oben?

      0240 10.5.12

  11. I read your comment with interest Penboy X, found it better explained and you have given it a lot of thought i think thats good. I have often thought it amazing how on TV or movies there is no lack of camra zooming in on femals front and back but NEVER a young male or boy. I think its a case of too many men feeling too many forbiden desires, and too many females thinking that if they arnt exclusivly good for sex then what are they good for, anyway your input is good. Mikee

  12. The kids at work call me Mikee which iv adopted for my email etc so its like Mike-ee. This blog has caused quite a stir. For me to give him a standing ovation all he would need to do is simply appear and stand there looking just like that, wouldnt even need to know how to dance. I dont know if id ever get bored just looking, cant imagine i that i would. Mikee.

  13. Roddo, thats a good laugh and in this instance id sure hope so, davie, thanks for the pic its great but id still get excited anyway, he sure aint no girl! Mikee.

  14. During my youth I was a mid-distance runner but a closet ballett dancer and looked really good in tights.

    1. Your link doesn’t seem to work at the moment but I found the picture a few days ago as well and will post it some time soonish.

  15. If you go into YouTube and key-in ‘Ballet Boys’, you’ll find hundreds, possibly thousands of images of dancers of every nationality. Some of them are quite startlingly beautiful – it does help if you like ballet / dance.

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