Why it’s Worth to Suffer

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Scenes from
True Blood

14 thoughts on “Why it’s Worth to Suffer”

  1. Love True Blood, just watched s02e10.. its keeps getting better and better. Alan Ball Does it again.

  2. True blood is really not what i expected it to be, i never thought it would be as awesome as it is ^_^
    I also really liked Godric which was played by Allan Hyde, really a brilliant role, and so hot :D

  3. One of the best series of the moment, always with a choice of original songs, like “New world in my view” in the latest episode (10), which also gave its name to the episode.
    This song is from Sister Gertrude Morgan, a New Orleans street preacher, recorded in 1970. We hear in the closing credits the version remixed by King Britt in 2005.

  4. I freakin’ love the show. Mary Ann is freakin’ insane. Amazing show overall, with really cool special effects.

  5. I don’t like where this is going, never liked violence anyway! Should not be idealized, but that’s just my humble opinion. I guess when it’s two (or more) consensual adults I don’t see any problems. But kids… I don’t know… too many sicko’s might get the wrong signals. Eerie!

  6. I grew up in south Louisiana…aaaand the accents on this show are laughable and some of the stereotypes are offensively inaccurate. We’re not all dumb hicks…I swear. Buuuuuuut still, I can’t help but love it…it’s the sexiest show on tv. I NEED Jason Stackhouse on me.

  7. I love Trueblood, Is there any more going to be made though? also in the pictures with the kid what is it he really ate? i could never tell.

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