Will McBride ~ Part 1

The male youth in the photography of Will McBride


"I am very interested in boys. Let there be no doubt about that. But I do not meet them in train stations nor in the men’s lavatories. I do not go to places where I expect to see boys. I do not ask boys to come home with me for pay. But when I see a good looking boy, or what I think is a good looking boy: thin and with good bones and muscles, an intelligent face with clear eyes and a full mouth, high cheekbones, a not too large nose, a flat stomach, a full butt and long legs, big feet and big hands, then there I am charged with a lot of excitement. It is this excitement that makes me work. I do not make love to boys. I make pictures and sculptures of them – my expression of loving" — Will McBride




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  1. As a longtime professional writer, I could not have said it any better than Mr. McBride.
    As a boylover (pedophile), I totally agree our interest in boys is something beautiful, something natural, and there is no need to apologize for who we are.
    We are so fortunate to have this site.

  2. Will McBride is a classic. Too bad the resolution of pics is a bit low. Great art nonetheless.

  3. l oeuvre de Will Mcbride est passionnante, que ce soit ses photos ou ses sculptures.
    En France je n ai reussi qu a me procure son livre ” Coming of age “.
    Son site internet est tres detaille, et si j ai plus de moyens financiers, je me laisserai bien tenter

  4. Will McBride is an artist whose influence has yet to manifest itself in these hysteric times.

  5. I really like the fourth picture of the four boys in the locker room. It reminds me of my jr high school days. BTW, most of Mr McBride’s pictures are in black and white. Some of the locker room and family ones are also done in color, but he mainly dealt in b&w. Most of the models are his own sons and their friends.

  6. I am a long-time fan of Mr. McBride’s photography, especially his photos of boys. I have tried to find copies of his work, but it seems it is out of print and people want a mint ($750 US) for a single used book like “Boys”. If anyone knows Will personally, please suggest to him to offer his photography for sale on his web site: it would make many people happy to have a piece of his work and make him a good chunk of change in the bargain.

  7. Hey, fan….
    Your memories of junior high school must be pretty awesome. I had the same thought when I first looked at that photo of the four boys.
    There were some pretty intense moments, particularly when I was sharing a shower area with some of the boys or I was at my locker, watching them walk by. When I was an eighth-grader, I was about to get dressed when a sixth grader, Jim, came by, walking on a bench that put his crotch just below eye level.
    Jim had a towel around his neck, but wore nothing else, and I will never forget seeing his young but thick 11-year-old cock. Within a year, I had sucked him.

  8. Absolutely lovely, and memory provoking! I loved the pix in the lockers. Where can I see more of McBride’s work?

  9. wo0o0ow



    me facinan enc erio em encantane s tipo de arte…

  10. I got here late as the date well most likely show. Will Mcbride Photos are out of this world. Love the locker room scene,and it does bring back memories of years gone by.hope too see more

  11. In other words, make sure you are really famous and ‘they’ won’t be able to touch you whatever your frowned-on proclivities. (Mind you…They’ve caught up with Roman Polanski right now.)

    1. M. Jackson was famous, and although he was acquitted, the mud still sticks.

      Once the rumor starts, it will never stop. :(

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