18 thoughts on “Win Tweet *1”

  1. Haha that blog was halfly a joke (a teenboy blog in lojban, a language with maybe 100 speakers?) and halfly a lets-test-this-boyblogs-thing. :)

  2. Josh Ive been following you for a long time on Twitter- I’m crossing my fingers for luck!


  3. I can’t do more than wishing you luck, it’s honestly random, I use a little webapp to get a random number between 1 and the total numbers of followers and will see who has this number. So it doesn’t matter how long you follow milkboys on twitter.

    But I’m planning to do this from time to time so if you don’t win today you could still win next time :)

  4. Is there a second prize that in some way involves Joe from 1993? If not, there should be.

  5. hmm i didnt win.. computer RGN’s arent technically truely random. i demand a re-random!

  6. Wouldnt mind winning this, allways wanted a version of destroyer, very interesting.
    Anyway good luck everybody :)

  7. The winner is Motte200186 – contact me via mail or at twitter please :)

    Yup, it’s the issue with the milkboys interview.

  8. Destroyer magazine is for sale in almost every bookstore and/or newsstan in the Netherlands, also the newsstands in the trainstations. I`m sorry for all you outthere who live in a not so liberal country where a mag(pretty innocent in my eyes..) is as illegal as softdrugs.
    Happy new year to you Josh and your mates and i hope 2009 will bring you luck, love and happiness.

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