11 thoughts on “Winter is Coming”

  1. Can’t wait for this. Hope it is not an april fool’s joke, or someone is going to pay for this!

  2. if it’s as good as the first one(which was up to 95% as good as the book) i’m gonna get multiple orgasms per episode again…yeeehaaa

  3. I can’t wait for this. And the next book come on GRR Martin lets get this one done faster than the last

  4. I had a sneaking suspicion when I saw the “You know nothing, Jon Snow” above a different post that there might be more going on. I’ve just finished Storm of Swords.

  5. I was more looking forward to bran but hey Knight of flowers is good looking too I guess.

  6. I agree with Elevencyan. I can barely wait to see Bran Stark again. The road the character takes in the second book is simply awesome.

  7. Ooohhh! This makes me want to go and start the novel series! This looks soo good. Which network broadcasts the programming in the US?

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