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25 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. I was worried the patch of feathers he sat on was going to catch on fire. Even more worries when he threw feathers into the fire. Some of the burning embers landed in his hair. Have people forgot M. Jackson’s Pepsi commercial? I’m all for artistic expression, but burnt balls……

  2. what demented individual thought it would be fun to freeze some poor twink’s butt off?

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Reminds me to go play in the snow. Oh wait, I live in Florida! LOL I wouldn’t mind playing in the snow with him! ;)

  4. Ah yes, laying on a bed of feathers, next to this boy and warmed by a nice fire…. MMMmmmmm.
    As for the burnt feathers, geeze. I can tell you at least that the feathers from a pillow – when burned – smell horrible.
    But, overall… nice clips. Love to be the Fluffer on that set :-)

  5. Wow. He really does throw like a girl. Jesus. Doesn’t anyone play baseball any more? haha

  6. Makes me want to move back up north from Florida. I remember the snow. Rolling around in it after sitting in a sause was excelllent and exhilerating. (And sexual with my frat buddy).

  7. So beautiful ! So moving ! I would never have believed that the naked body of a boy could convey la joie de vivre to such a degree !
    Love to you all

  8. I doubt there was any real snow now, first he snowed me, but the feathers made me decide it was film edited over a backdrop of the real stuff, till the waterside shot. If he was trying to warm the hole of his body, he started wrong way round. And yes feathers burn a real stinker. But he is quite beautiful, so I rate this version of “From Russia With Love” even without Dr Zhivago or Lara’s theme an A1 4 star flic. Thanks cutie. Thanks Josh. BBTL Rob

  9. The music came from a very expensive elevator in Trump Tower. The boy’s hair was prepared by The Donald’s hairdresser. The content was identical to a Donald Trump speech—-showy but essentially meaningless.

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