22 thoughts on “With a Piece of Chalk”

  1. Very cute and enjoyable to watch. Either this boy is incredibly good with his break dancing skills [?], or the filmmaker is equally adept with his editing skills [!].

    The only “flaw” in the story is the second note — there’s no “face” to it — not even a shadow. Was it the same kid as who sent the first misspelled note? It’s just that it would have been better for me if the video showed who passed the second note — to have a bit more meaning.

    Otherwise, as I said, a very interesting video. Good work.

  2. I have yet to look at the other videos but this is impressive. Fantastic body control along with some very articulate and nimble foot work which, I think, fits into the over all theme or composition. Thank you afewlastwords.

  3. The kid dancing is a knockout! Simply fantastic. Out of this world. So good in fact, that there is an aura of the unreal about his movements.

  4. Like any good bit of visual art, it is as much a mirror as it is something to watch; we bring something of ourselves to the experience and thus it has something different to say to each one of us.

  5. Bloody brilliant. It’s amazing to see what simple music, combined with powerful images is capable of.

    Bravo gents.

  6. This was outstanding,and also BRILLIANT piece of work by the lad and the film outfit. I would love to be in the position to ask; Teach Me.

  7. I’m always amazed at how much can be “said” in short film. This was wonderfully artistic and moving and very well done. Bravo!
    Also, a very cute boy.

    1. Well expressed. Thank you for saying exactly what I was trying to put into words after watching this short film. Wow, so MUCH emotion, such great presentation, with NO spoken words. All acting, and skill.
      Pure art.

  8. What an inspiring short film.
    So full of emotion. So much said, and yet without using words.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
    Gonna check out the other videos on youtube now!

  9. Exquisite
    Loved Justen Beer, the Amerasian boy playing the lonely dancer dreamer who finally found his means of acceptance by his own natural talent.

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