24 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *17”

  1. WOW! a delightful study in black & white… pretty to boot.

    100 Thanks for everything, Josh.

  2. Classic men underwear always turns me on. Its my fetish.. I love the slip “pocket”. The boy is ready for a model already.

  3. Anything but boxers. Could we see magic underwear sometime? I think that would qualify as wonderwear.

        1. Well, I was going to direct you to a certain Web site (mormonboyz.com), but the site doesn’t seem to be working. Still, an Internet search ought to educate you more than you might care.

  4. Modern teen boy in a classic, white underwear brief with a ‘wife beater’ top. Just goes to show that a sweet boy like this would look stunning in anything.<3

  5. Thanks Rusty. I’ve been to that site but it was some time ago. Whiterabbite was what some of us used to call our electric shop teacher in South Gate Ca 1968. Can’t be you but you could be related to some classmates. If not it it brought back happy memories. Every time I see this boy I get so lost in fantasy. Wish I could share my e mail but the moderators won’t let me

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