33 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *28”

  1. i think it looks weird maybe they put something in there. Maybe thats where his homework went the time he said it was lost ha!

  2. He has some sizable hardware! Really hot!!

    You guys HAVE to check his other pictures at the link under the photo!

  3. I’ve never understood the attraction to big dicks. Just like I’ve never understood the attraction to large breasts I guess. I adhere to the ‘more than a mouthful’ principal.

    1. Size matters. Big muscles, big bank accounts, big cars (or small cars with big engines like Ferarris), big houses, big guns, big smiles, big tits, etc. ad nauseum, are all found to be generally attractive.
      Very large penises are definitely an exception to the rule and as the physical manifestation of masculine sexual power, attractive by default.
      Personally, I find them visually stimulating, thrilling to hold and fondle, but often difficult to fully fellate and sorry, there’s no way that’s going up my ass. The potential of suffering a prolapsed rectum or developing a ‘rosebud’ anus scares the otherwise packed fudge right out of me. I know, T M I.

      1. Whereas, for me, overlarge organs, i.e. dicks and breasts, seem animal-like to me. I mean, I’m put in mind of horses and cows respectively. I sorta like breasts, but if they are too large I’m as turned off as I am to the thought of pussy. Small breasts are cute tho. Same with cocks. There’s a post a couple down with a beautiful Asian guy being touched. That cock (or smaller even) looks attractive to me. I want to touch it, it’s easy to suck, it fits well in the hand, and it’s not going to try to take over our planet.

  4. Once again Josh has picked the very best photo of him. From Boh’s own site you can see he is about 30 years old but well preserved for his age. Occasionally I run into these Dorian Gray types myself here in Southern California. Must be the air that acts as a preservative.

  5. This lad is hot.there no getting away from that fact.Love those other photos of Shannon, and they are all very good. I wonder what his pet squirrel’s name is.

  6. @horselips: Again you hit the nail on the head. Big is kind of neat to hold and fondle, but going up my poor tight butt hole is just out of the question.

  7. Again horselips, you hit out of the park. I love big, and love to fondle it and just admire such a gift, but no way is that extraordinary piece of manhood going up my tight butt hole.

  8. In his photos he never looks fully erected but seems to always have a sausage going on. I wonder if his cardio-vascular system can sustain a full erection for such an appendage over a significant period of time as he would have the circumference of a fire hose. I guess I am something of a prude as I always thought anal sex was a shitty idea but this would be my worst prison nightmare.

    1. Yeah, I’m no fan of anal sex either, and most of my friends aren’t either. Because of that we can all but ignore the HIV/AIDS hysteria. In any event, I feel that too much of “gay” culture is centered around bungholes to the exclusion of all the other things we can do with each others bodies.

  9. This Aussie boy can be seen on Cam4 most nights (UK time) trying to earn a few bucks with tips. Such a shame, he is worth more :(

    1. What’s worth more than sharing your stunning beauty with thousands around the world? You can keep your Victorian morality to yourself and leave us alone to do as we please.

    2. Time you had your specs checked, Kenny. Whoever you’re seeing wouldn’t be Shannon.

  10. that smooth tanned body just makes me want to lick him all over. the pic made me sooo hard

  11. Shannon’s a very petite guy. The bulge may look big, but it’s pretty standard issue.
    And, trust me, he does not wave it around in public, so don’t waste your time looking for it on Cam4.

  12. @ Jeeves: It’s nice I believe, and I don’t wish to sound PRUDISH here, that he can just be a good looking lad with out waving his manhood in your face.

  13. It’s at this point you have to ask yourself as a male… Why Am I so Hard when I’m by myself… Why does my OWN BODY make me so Horny?? Hmmm I wonder why… No way, I’m not GAY am I???

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