21 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *29”

  1. Hot boy, sexy outfit, looks like a singlet. He also has a nice size package with super sexy legs and thighs.

  2. This lad is just one big package of joy. It would have been nice if he was in front of a dark screen. That is 100% underwear. Would have liked to have seen his face.

  3. Black and white really does this pic justice. Youth, muscle and great physique. What a combination.

      1. Bruce, it actually refers to the shape of the legs when spread wide and bent at the knees, but come to think of it…

  4. There is a subtle drama to this pose. I wonder if this boy is a dancer. He kind of reminds me of “God Jewel.”

  5. This picture is truly a work of art. Poise, grace, and beauty. The boy is withdrawn yet shows sensual strength, is hidden yet shows much, and all the while….. hey wait, is that a ring on his betrothed finger?
    Sorry, got side-tracked there…..
    Wow, what a beautiful boy, in a killer pose, with minimal props – basically only a chair, which can stay, and the clothing, which can go :-)

    1. A while back, there was a post of a beautiful boy doing a solo dance with a drummer playing while wearing a pedo-bear mask. This looks like he might be that dancer. I think the title of that post was “God Jewel.”Hopefully Josh will post it again. If it is the same boy, he had a beautiful face and his body was lean, sinewy and lith. He was a real artist and a work of art himself.

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