10 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *30”

  1. I agree with Gavling…. It would be nice to see his whole face… the picture only shows half of his cuteness!

  2. Well it looks like this boy has half a head of blond hair,one blue eye. Yes,far Gavling and Drew are right. This photo doesn’t show this boys full beauty. I think this photographer must be on the bottle when he/she took this photo. It would be nice to know where you can see this lad in a complete photo.

  3. Actually that’s all that’s left of his face and head. After that awful buzz-saw accident at the lumber yard, and then the Zombies, we’re lucky to still have this much of him.

  4. @Ok horselips: Now I understand what happen to this boy and I must say he is gutsy to get photo taken after that buzz-saw accident. I guess the Zombies are not into good looking boys. Maybe those Zombies are into that japanese ass sent of nice boys that there selling.

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