19 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *31”

    1. skarpeta, he’s mine too… The first time a saw a vid with him, I was like, “Wait, what?” and then i was like, “Ohhhh yeahhhhh…”

      Not only is he gorgeous, he’s SO GOOD at what he does!

      1. Before I saw him for the first time, my favourite porn model was Roxy Red. ;) But now I’ve changed my mind.

    1. Most of these guys are really short, so their “C” looks much larger by comparison. But still an impressive tool.

      Now if Troye Sivan would just pose like that…

    1. Not this bullshit. I’m considered underweight and I eat the most of anyone in my household. Milkboys is the last place I should feel marginalized for being a skinny boy.

      1. Get over yourself, one comment about someone’s perception of another boy is not an attempt to “marginalize” you.

        Kyler is gorgeous, I just wish he would’nt shave all his bush off and it is a shame he has been mutilated.

      2. J, you are probably as beautiful-looking as Kyler (or so we can imagine), so don’t let people diss you and your body (it’s all envy, I can promise you). Of course, I notice that there are those like kinkynik who will marginalize you for being a circumcized American (if you are), but don’t let that bother you, either!

  1. I just did an image search on his name and came up with a couple of photos of him getting rear-ended by an old big fat bald tattooed sunburned dude and I thought that was pretty cool. This boy is fantastic. May his tribe increase! He spreads joy throughout the world. And just in time for the holidays.

  2. May his tribe increase? Not unless he volunteers for the sperm bank!

    but… he’s a sexy bugger, isn’t he?

    and, hey Kinky… good to see you around ;)

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