28 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *33”

  1. With a cute figure like this he would most likely have a face to match. This is really nice.

  2. Oh man, if only all Wonderwear Wednesdays were this nice… really nice figure and nice pants to go with it!

  3. If god wanted you to wear underwear you would have been born with them already on.

    1. “If god wanted you to wear underwear you would have been born with them already on.” . . . .

      And they would have been big, baggy and ugly boxers.

      1. Naw, they would be magic underwear. Boxers are ugly and possibly inspired by prison issued attire.

  4. O Boy, that is a beautiful young lad. @ Deus ex Jockus..Does that go for clothes also… I to would have liked to have seen his face, but as Bruce said his face is most likely as good looking as his body.

  5. Please excuse if I brag a little: I used to have a body like this was I was 17. But I didn’t know how the use it. Oh, to been a teenager again! I’d be such a whore.

    1. Are you saying if you knew then what you know now your life would have been different? If all of us even teenagers could change a few things we would have a different life.

      1. Brad:
        I mean I was too tangled up in religious guilt and society’s repressions to enjoy myself the way I really wanted to.

  6. MMMmmmmmmmm

    Christmas has just kept on getting better….

    Poor guy has a hangover though…. LOLzzzzzz

  7. i think he wont have his face in the pic so his parents or somebody wont ever find out about it and he wont get grounded or anything if they cant tell its him.

  8. You learn a lot about what being gay actually means on this website. It’s quite sad…well to me, anyway.

  9. @Bemused: I don’t know if your gay or straight. I grow up with some friends who where gay and most of then had no problems. One I know did. His face was beaten so bad that his mother had to bring a picture of him to the hospital. Unfortunately the picture was of him and his straight brother. The doctor reconstructed his face and when I first was able to see him I thought he was his brother. You see Tim was thinly built from top to bottom. His brother was heavy set from top to bottom. The doctor looked at the wrong photo. That was my only known bad experience. I may have been lucky. Don’t know for sure. I do think that if you put only the negative storys in and not positive storys then your bound to have just a lot of negative feelings.

  10. I to had such a body when a teen in the 1950`s…..and I made the most of it!!…Trouble is , the longing to go back in time is even greater, and the sadness ……Unfortunately..the more you have..(or had)..the more you want..It was ever thus!!

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