36 thoughts on “Wonderwear Wednesday *34”

  1. I think I prefer underwear with a front pouch that can support a boner. It’s not very comfy (to me, anyway) when the side elastic lets it go down your leg like that.

  2. Oh, Milo, Milo … I might be wrong but I think this is the most revealing shot of his frontal attributes, and I must say YUMMY! =)

    1. He does keep making great photos :p At one point there might have been more videos from TheJoeFrom1993 than photos from Milo now but that’s about it.

        1. I think we all do. He’s grown up now and is nothing like he was before. His account is still active but he doesn’t do vlogging anymore. I think what was most tragic was his final video stating how much he couldn’t stand the last year he did it (2008) and how he hated the person he was then. Just really sad because he was so precocious, entertaining, and wise beyond his years. He was fun to watch while it lasted and I wish him the best in life.

          Every now and then when I’m having a bad day, I look up what videos of him remain from people who reposted them. He was fascinating to watch. So was Alex, but Joe was better in my opinion.

          1. I agree completely. It was sad when he rejected his previous self. I suppose it is understandable; but it is still a loss.

            I’m not sure about NZ; but in the US many boys go through what I refer to as “The Stupids”. You meet a 13-14yo boy who (besides being hot), is energetic and eager to converse. Full of ideas and energy they are more than will to share. Then somewhere around 15, they shut down. They are embarrassed to show any emotion (other than anger). All you will get out of these boy is a “‘sup”.

            I’m sure many will claim it is the imposition of gender roles, or social conditioning. But I think it is the wrong assumption that being a “man” equates to not being a “boy”. So they reject all that was boy.

            Just me missing the boys…

  3. I agree with Mike – Milo is totally adorable. And such an exciting shot and only semi wooden :-) … and those eyes. …and those legs. Thank you Milo.

      1. JOSH, you do realize that you post is a confession of having done hanky-panky with Milo. You and I need to discuss movie rights, T-shirt and Sunglass concessions.

  4. While I’d, of course, love to see IT (but for real not on a pict !!) … I hope for him that Milo will keep secret THE ultimate, intimate part of him … that he will reserve it to his present boyfriend and for his future lovers ! I personally find that he has already given us a lot … all those who want more … more and more … just send a picture like this … http://mauwmauw2-0.tumblr.com/image/38872512216 … is it not just a wonderful gift ? How important is that his dick is 17 or 20 cm, that he’s cut or not, that it points to the left or to the right, that it points to the horizon or to the sky.

    The only thing I would like to see is a smile on his lips … then I think I’d be the happiest man in the world … because I could dream every night that the smile for me :-)

    Josh … you’re an incredible and irresistible young man … and you’re boyfriend is a happy guy.

    1. “Josh … you’re an incredible and irresistible” … I wanted to say Milo, of course … sorry for you Josh ;-)
      Or was it a meaningful lapsus ?!!

  5. A very nice picture of a most beautiful beastly [in teh best way, of course] young man…

    Thank you Josh

    Thanks MiloMauwMauw

    Regards from Texas!

  6. No matter how good-looking he is, he’s already getting tiresome within the confines of this blog. UTTERLY tiresome.

    1. My own suggestion to people who don’t like what they find on a blog or web site is… not to visit that blog or website… or ignore the bits they don’t like.

      1. If I’d like to speak my mind out is my problem, right? So you better deal with it more than me, Brit.

  7. @Simon,
    I have to agree with KFW, I enjoy this blog because of the variety of pictures, political information & the comments from fellow members. Yes, we are all free to skip pics we dislike, but I also believe that each blog follower should have the right to express an opinion without getting slammed., I, also tire of Milo, but accept that I I am in the minority . I prefer impromptu pics, rather than teasing pics, & Josh also offers many of those- thanks Josh..

    1. Point taken – and I very much apologise if I have upset anyone. I certainly did not intend it to be a “slamming” and am really sorry if it seemed that way.

  8. I don’t know why you are apologizing for your remark Simon. You are right. If you don’t like something don’t tune into it. That’s why we have free well. If any body tail feathers got in a titter because of what you said that’s on them. Have a good day. What’s the weather like over there now.

    1. Thx Michael. Weather chilly – around freezing – misty and was sunny earlier but now cloudy. No snow in London :-)

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