16 thoughts on “World without Women”

  1. hm… the world without women is an interessting idea, although I don’t think it’s desirable.
    Must have been a lot of fun to record that video xD

  2. Frankly, I found the casual dicussion about violence against women and nazi references disturbing. I know it is meant to be sarcasm but that might work if the video was funny. Rather sophomoric.

  3. I agree this wasn’t the funniest video I’ve seen. Well used irony and sarcasm is great humor but need a good script.
    The guy talking, or interviewing, is VERY cute though. He can come home to me for a private session any day…

  4. With those creamy smooth thighs, long fingers, great feet, sleek bod, beautiful face and unkempt hair, the interviewer is a walking wet dream; the accidental-unintended cock shot by the skinhead was also cool. I’d love to see an x-rated version of this interview. As for you over-sensitive nervous nellies – who cares what they were talking about!

  5. What the fuck was that all about?

    This is a joke? Nazi’s, and woman hate?

    Certainly I like the idea of smart teen boys, especially naked ones, having tv talk shows. However I’ll wait for a smarter, and nicer boy. Nazi, woman haters, naked or not isn’t a good idea.

    “Who cares” indeed.

  6. Das video ist in vieler Hinsicht genial. Ohne zweifel sehen die Jungs zart und super aus und der zuseher wird ständig in spannung gehalten. Er weiss, er wird nicht mehr sehen aber er wartet auf das wunder.

    Die diskussion ist natürlich genau vom gegensätzlichen standpunkt her zu verstehen und greift subtil all diejenigen an, die einen bestimmten Menschenschlag von der Erde tilgen möchte. Insofern ist das ein Spiegel, in den jeder sehen sollte.

    Sehr leicht kann nämlich mal das Thema: Eine Welt ohne Homosexuelle ” lauten und dann sitzen keine niedlichen, smarten Boys mehr in der Talkrunde, sondern die allseits bekannten Monster aus Wirtschaft und Politik .

  7. Chromatic, jetzt aber mal ernsthaft: Die Szene besitzt doch ungefähr die gleiche Subtilität wie ein Massenauffahrunfall!

    Meine Interpretation würde vielmehr lauten: Du kannst Scheiße labern wie du möchtest, aber wenn du süß aussiehst, kriegst du bei youtube immer noch deine 50 000 Hits. ;-o

    Lg Tobi

  8. I agree both that the video isn’t really funny (except for the moment when he held up the picture of a flower and called it “some sort of tree or something” – I liked that one, go figure…), and that the boys are extremely cute. The interviewer reminds me a lot of the British actor Gabriel Thomson.

  9. lol nice. Though I say a world without women would be a good thing :3 (well if could find a way for test tube babys, ect)

  10. I found it funny. The thing is meant to be an ironic social commentary and yes it was a little disturbing… and wrong, but art has to be that sometimes.

    I think the “accidental” cock shot wasn’t so much an accident. He was staring straight into the camera the whole time. Also if anyone watched until the vary end sequence when the actors are in silouettte the interviewer lifts his legs in the air in a vary compromisingg position.


  11. Very boring but the interviewer was cute.

    I would only ask this one question…if it weren’t for women…where would we get more males?

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