WTF? Sex Secrets

Our friends from the WTFSexFacts Twitter channel got an eBook out that contains more than 1000 sex secrets by people of all ages. You can grab a copy here for £2.50. Go & find the secret mentioning milkboys ;) Have an example:

Female: “When I was in high-school, the school geek got beaten up and stripped. It was the single most sexy thing I ever saw. Not the beating, of course. I knew something was going on because there were boys and girls all rushing to the small woods next to the school playing field, so my friend and I went to see what was happening also. Five boys were kicking the shit out the geek for some unknown reason. As usual, a crowd of kids gathered around to watch, mostly boys and a few girls. Not satisfied with beating him up, they decide to humiliate him by taking off his clothes. I guess they did it because there were a few girls watching. I guess they weren’t going to miss the thrill of seeing a boy stripped to nothing. They just stood there watching how all his clothes were taken off. The thing is, when he was naked, it showed he had the BIGGEST penis you will ever see. I’ve never seen anything like it. He was like a boy with a man’s penis. Everyone was shocked. I swear it was like a scene in a movie. The whole crowd fell silent. Even the boys beating him up. It must have been so embarrassing to have your clothes taken off in public and everyone enjoying his shame. I couldn’t get his penis out of my head. I felt really guilty too about what happened and reported it to the teachers. The boys got expelled and some of the people watching got suspended. I befriended the geeky boy hoping to have some kind of sexual encounter with him, but he turned out to be queer.”


17 thoughts on “WTF? Sex Secrets”

  1. لعنت به شما كه ابروي حضرت محمدو ميبرين خدا ازتون نكذره

    1. Amin — I can use Google Translate and figure out the meaning of most European languages, but Arabic is too much of a stretch. Could you give an English translation?

      1. He’s telling you that he hates your freedom, you’re an infidel and he will put an airplane in your rectum….
        Metaphorically speaking…
        Or same racist shit like that… Let’s bomb his country…

    2. what?
      ماذا تحاول أن تقول لنا ، نحن الذين لا يمكن قراءة النص الخاص بك؟

  2. I read the story: it’s not interesting because there is violence and, to me, it was a kind of rape. Such a scène should never happen. I didn’t like the story because it lacks romanticism, a poetic side. Thank you, Claude

    1. I think that’s why it’s called Sex Secrets. I don’t think it’s supposed to be about normal things. Although I haven’t read it.

  3. ‘sex secrets’ when half of all men’s desires are too illegal to recount?
    Oh come on… for god’s sake. What a grotesque lie.

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