You make the News

If you found a news story, an article or just a general link that might be interesting for queer teens you should post it at the QueerYouth Reddit. To submit a story there just get an account at Reddit (no e-mail needed, just pick a username & password) and you’ll also be able to vote for stories you like, leave comments and subscribe to other Reddits (e.g. the one for boy pics ;p)

One of the better known redditors ;)

I will use the QueerNews Reddit to collect the links for the Periodical Political Posts over here at milkboys so it would be great if you could submit your links there instead of mailing them my way since this would make it easier for me to focus on replying to the dozens of other milkboys-related mail I get every day :)

If the story you submitted will get used in a Periodical Political Post I will credit you under the post. Just leave a comment here if you have question about the QueerYouth Reddit or Reddit in general.


3 thoughts on “You make the News”

  1. LOL Colbert has a way of turning my frown upside down. His style of political satire is inimitable, and his belittling of political figureheads is frosting on the cake. LONG LIVE THE COLBERT REPORT!

    On topic now: Great idea Josh, except until I can get a decent mobile like a Droid, I’ll have to keep tweeting those links to you, if that’s ok?

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