You Will Rise

You Will Rise Project is an online collection of art created by kids and young adults to express their feelings towards bullying. The founders, Linda Regula and Paul Richmond, believe in the power of art as express internal turmoil in a healthy way. Linda and Paul have been friends since 1984 when Linda became art mentor to a four year old Paul.

The project came out of their own experience being bullied – Paula for being ”poor, skinny, motherless, and very shy” and Paul for being gay. They both believe that these hardships enriched their art and hope to empower youth. [via Queerty]


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  1. An amazing web-site that releases the pain and anguish of being the victim of bullying and celebrates overcoming adversity and rising like a phoenix to become empowered, free and strong.

  2. as i’ve always said, there is beauty inside everything done with effort, and that’s how you can turn every experience into some good. feelings are not to be ignored, but to be shout the loudest possible <3

  3. The Homo-Sapien Cro-Magnon is a consumate predator, hardwired by nature or Creator (your choice) for hunting, agression, competition and combat. We are born fighters and yes, killers. And like other animals we establish pecking orders – in economic, social, physical, sexual, political, artistic, and every other venue you can think of. In every sphere of life, we test each other, stretch each other, evaluate each other, and so on. Bullying is an almost instictive act, and so is resistance. The cure for bullies is simple -fight back. Even if you get your ass kicked (as I did a coupla times) you at least preserve your dignity and inflate your self-esteem. And if you put up a good enough fight (as I finally did), a bully will move on to easier prey. Feminizing boys by focussing on their fellings (WTF!) is a sure way to keep bullies in business. Weakness encourges bullies. Along with everything else that grows in puberty, boys should make sure they also “grow a pair.”

  4. What about those gay boys that, when growing up, were naturally effeminate? The ones that are smaller, more effeminate, gentler and more nurturing than the more masculine gay and bi boys? When I was 13, I looked 11, and the homophobe that kicked my ass on a daily basis was 14 , but looked 15. How could I defend myself against the likes of him? He turned out, at 21 to “become” Bi-Sexual? In other words he took his frustrations out on me. Even though he was 13 months older than me, it was an early developer putting down a very late developer. Or in effect, a 15 year old against an 11 year old. So how could I defend myself against him? I’m now 23, and I still bear the mental scars.


  5. @horseslips.
    Tell that to the Amish.
    You are certainly bought and sold on stereo types and notions of what a human being is.

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