38 thoughts on “You’ll have to speak louder, I’m wearing a towel!”

  1. Hmm, easy peasy Japanese-y! always loved oriental guys ‘specially such pretty featured ones as this.

  2. OH fuckety-fuckety-fuck-fuck !!!!!!!!!!

    Please can I have him ?

    I’ll be nice and gentle and promise not to break him.

    He is rather nice, thank you.

    1. @brightonboi3 & @Randyokami:

      What makes both of you so sure he’s Japanese? Yes, he could LOOK like many Japanese, to be sure. But I’m not so sure. And I say that because of his “necklace” and his waist string (and whatever is attached). Both together and especially the WAIST string tells ME he MAY be more likely Thai (or other SOUTHEAST Asian. And although many Japanese do indeed get tattoos, HIS particular tattoo also indicates he MAY be more likely Thai. Just the way I see it …. but either way, I have NO complaints with Josh’s selection! :-))

        1. Not ALL Thais are the darker-skinned Malays and Malay-Indian mix …. a GREAT MANY of them have more Chinese descent as well as the Chinese-Malay mix. So there are MANY Thais who are light skinned as well as MANY Chinese who are born and raised in Thailand who consider themselves to BE Thais. I was in Thailand for almost 5 months and I made a point to “study” what I thoroughly enjoyed all around me while I was there. And I love the Thai culture and their general attitude. :-))

      1. Dunno… just hit me and since studying the language I’ve seen pictures of boys who look just like him. But you have a good point.
        Is the string around his waist a symbol of his being Zoroastrian or a form of Buddhism? I knew a Pakistani who was Zoroastrian and wore a string.

        1. I’m not saying he ISN’T Japanese (because he definitely LOOKS like it in his face) …. just that I’ve never seen Japanese wear any of the “body strings” the way Thais and other S.E. Asians do.

          As for Zoro… well, since I see no trace of any mask, black hat or sword anywhere around him, I’d say probably not. :-))

    1. Why not? Some of the most beautiful boys in the world are of Asian descent (just choose your preferred region) …. along with MANY other nationalities, of course. And I hardly think that this Asian photo is “sudden.” Let me encourage Josh to post more …. I have no complaint of his Asian selections so far! Thanks! :-))

      1. oh i hope my comment was not misinterpreted :P i have nothing against Asians……… specially because I’am one ;)

        1. No, of course not. I recognized your Philippine flag. And MANY Philippine boys are equally just as beautiful if not more so. Just wanted to say my opinion. :-))

    1. Interesting way to put forth your ‘r’ opinion. The primary definition of being “handsome” is being attractive to your desires. Otherwise you wouldn’t consider a [generally] male to BE “handsome” — he would be UNattractive … or ugly.

      1. I’m not saying that he’s ugly or anything like that. He’s handsome ’cause he is in the standards of men beauty, but I don’t like, hiuhiu!.

        PD: I think I understand all that you say, however english is not my mother language…so perhaps I’m making some mistakes ;)

  3. kinkynik/bobalechzippo, while you two have been fucking about dueling Ive got him, ha ha, so piss of I’m busy now !

  4. So… apparently many of us appreciate Asian beauty and rightly so.
    But what’s puzzling me is, how do Asian dudes look upon us
    Europeans when it comes to male beauty?
    What would be their preferences?
    Could any of our Asian friends tell me, please?

    1. Asians’ views of male beauty are generally the same as Caucasians’ views – just as varied. I’ve been with many Asians – IN Asia as well as a few states in the USA. And they have just as varied views and likes as “we” do. Obviously, most Asians IN Asia tend to prefer other Asians (otherwise there would be way too much emigration). But also, increasingly, more Asians also tend to be a bit more enamored by blond hair (and for some, the yellower the hair the “better”) than maybe they should be (it can look VERY WEIRD [to me] to see a “natural” jet-black-haired Asian that has tried to dye his hair in some unnatural shade of yellowish to reddish). Some get so carried away with the “blond/white look” that they may forget that so much of their natural [physical] charm IS their JET-BLACK hair along with their unique and quite beautiful eyes and faces. And yes, of course, their exquisite physiques.

      1. Wow spot on analysis PenboyX,personally I do love the blondes but not necessary the yellower the better :P

        Also,Jun Ya is actually from China and he works in a strip club,at least from what I can see from pictures of him on a pole with scantily clad clothes. *drools*

        1. Thank you. :-)) And, as I suspected, not of Japanese descent (the name Jun Ya is a pretty good clue!). :-))

  5. Aaaaah, dear Lord, he looks just like that Japanese exchange student I desperately tried to seduce!

  6. hi, i’m fyjunya.tumblr.com’s owner (aka blog dedicated to the boy in the picture) and he’s chinese. LOL

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