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  1. “milkboys” wrote:
    ‘it’s so easy to look at the countries already having marriage equality and realising that they do a lot better than the countries that don’t.’

    In what sense are, say, Argentina and Portugal doing better than, shall we say, France and Germany?

      1. I don’t understand why are you guys so obsessed with equality. I wouldn’t give a fuck for it. It’s a silly misconception.
        There are two approaches to same-sex marriage, from Equality and from Liberty. The former approach is typical for left-liberals and socialists ( like Josh); the latter one for libertarians and anarchists ( like me). But my reasons are superior. Because though you can make your stand for homosexuality you are absolutely helpless about polygamy ( or polyamoury, in a broader sense). You can’t use the “equality” card there, because your conservative opponents don’t enjoy legal polyamoury either.

        1. I don’t like how you try to draw a dichotomy between liberals and socialists on the one hand supporting equality and libertarians and anarchists on the other supporting liberty. Anarchism is the fusion of liberty and equality.

          1. Anarchy has nothing to equality. Very different birds. Equality ( whatever this word means) is unnatural because people are different that is not equal. Equality can be reached (and only in one particular field, because equality in “this” automatically creates a lot of inequalities in “that”) only with coercive methods that contradicts anarchy and liberty.

        2. Liberté, égalité, fraternité, don’t they all go together? :-)

          As for polygamy – which usually means polygyny – who wants it except for a few Muslims who are rich enough to afford it?

          I would have thought polyamory needs no legal backing – is it anything more than an informal arrangement between friends?

  2. Good for that boy who is brave enough to stand up for gay rights when he could very well be ridiculed when he goes back to school.

    According to [PUBLIC] [Same video here also]: http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2013/01/16/1456811/religious-extremism-on-display-at-rhode-islands-same-sex-marriage-hearing/?mobile=nc

    Sixth grader Matthew Lannon, a supporter of the bill, made an appeal to lawmakers:

    “Let me tell you about my parents. I have two moms and two dads, and an older sister. If you came to our house, you would feel the love that we all have for one another. We laugh a lot, we talk about our feelings, we argue, we are real. [...] Having gay marriage won’t change our family, it will change the way that the state, and other people see our family; as normal just like everyone else.”

    1. I found the following link at the end of that video. Well worth watching it after having seen that kid being brave enough to stand up against homophobia.

    2. @ Penboy
      “Good for that boy who is brave enough to stand up for gay rights when he could very well be ridiculed when he goes back to school.”
      I saw a young boy bravely speaking in front of total strangers and saying, this is my world and I respect it;
      can’t you?
      Bad grammar; gimme a break!
      More like courage in the face of adversity!
      You go Matthew…5 STARS !! :)

  3. If you talk with a homophobe long enough, it almost always gets down to religion. That whole crowd looked like they were straight from a fundamentalist revival meeting.

    1. Noticed the man bent over with a red face that looked like he was just about to barf? While they look horrible to look at they are a good lesson on what brainwashing looks like. No more critical thinking present, only mindless faith.

    2. No, you are wrong. Many old religions were quite favourable to homosexuality, while the most atheistic countries ever ( communist Russia and China) were like Saudi Arabia in this respect, if not worse.

  4. If you talk with a homophobe long enough, it almost always gets down to religion. That whole crowd looks like it just came from a fundamentalist revival meeting.

  5. Let us not change anything because it is against the natural order of things. While we’re at it, I just won’t wear clothes… since that’s against the natural order of things. Won’t watch television, won’t drive a car, won’t work in an office, won’t pay taxes, etc.

    1. the argument of the unatural order of homosexuality isn’t true. They aren’t human, they look like being in a natural environment and they, apparently, don’t behave that straight

      Nature isn’t what they think it’s

    2. Homosexuality, clothes, and cars are natural.
      Zombieboxes and taxes are not.
      So hard to understand?

  6. David:

    While we’re at it, I just won’t wear clothes… since that’s against the natural order of things.

    Picture please. Just teasing!:P

  7. This really wants to make me punch a hell of a lot of people in the face.
    Even a according to some non-existing thing; God. For he created this stupidity and misinterpretation of the Bible. It’s really unbelievable how people just brainwash eachother.

  8. Abolish mariage as an institution all together. No society should grant rights, based solely on whether you promise to be monogamous or not.

    I’m happily married to my husband, but I have a hard time understanding why, we get tax benefits over our straight friends with kids. I mean, its the ‘having kids’ part that benefits society, so why not benefit those.

    Marriage is just a word, what matters is the rights it grants. So let the religious nutters keep their precious word, they invented it after all, it wouldn’t lessen the love between me and my husband.

  9. Natural!? What is natural? Is it natural to put on clothes? Is it natural to have only one partner throughout your life?

  10. More to the point, homosexuality IS natural. In fact it is all over the animal kingdom, having been observed and documented in the behaviours of hundreds of different animal species. Religion, on the other hand, is quite the human invention. Homosexuality has been around a lot longer than any god beliefs.

  11. Marriage is about sex, not above love is what I consistently hear in these arguments. I think loveless sex should have no basis in any marriage.

  12. What’s really interesting is that until 100 years ago, traditional marriage in most of the world meant the parents arranged it when the girl was 9 and the man could be 30.

    Then if you go back a little further, traditional marriage was all polygamy. DNA analysis has now shown that we humans are descended from twice as many women as men. One man had children by many wives, while most men did not have a wife and didn’t reproduce.

    The modern Christian fundamentalists have created a myth of a nuclear family as “traditional”, even though the nuclear family really only dates from the 1950s.

  13. I fail to see how marriage is still an important factor anymore, more often than not straight couples get divorced within 10-20 years of marriage. At my school I know of 9 people, in my year alone, who have divorced parents, that are man and women. My own parents have split up. They really need to take a look at how their own marriages have panned out before trying to stop anyone else getting married.

    1. Lest we all forget., The Nazi’s had a military. And gas chambers. I know that prayer thing looks real scary and all, but I don’t think they are rounding up all the gays and killing them. Now the left wing black groups? That’s another story. I wouldn’t want to show I’m gay in the black intercity. Many are shot or beat EVERY minute.

  14. That was just disgusting…
    Freedom to hate but not to love
    How could you even let this happen

  15. @ Samuel17 – Thanks for the links… there ARE eloquent young people in this world whose support I have no problem accepting and frankly, find hope in their words given the brain dead & vacuous state of some of their peers; though i fear for the future they are rushing towards.

    @ boyonfire – ? what ?

    as for myself – i’d really rather, foremost, be left alone to pursue life, liberty & etc. with whom I choose, requiring neither the approval or consent of the state nor [ideally] in need of its protection from the less tolerant components which is the true issue i sense behind many of the pushes for civil rights.

    Thanks Josh [you wicked Socialist you!]

  16. Abuzay. sa m’énerve comment c’est dans la tête des gens.

    Mais l’amour ne se stop pas juste a la copulation et a la création d’une progéniture. l’amour va bien au delà.
    Que se soit entre 2 garçons, 2 filles, ou pour les hétéros…

    Ils ne veulent pas comprendre car ils ont peur de la liberté. ils préfèrent faire les moutons.

    Pauvres d’esprit, et peur du système.

  17. We got enough stupid laws at our federal level. This country was founded on states making those choices, not some KING president OR ruling class congress telling all the states what the hell to do. As soon as you folks on the other side of the pond get all your countries in the EU to all do the same damn thing, then maybe we can chat. Right now, each state will make its own laws on this issue, and the people that live in them will reap the benefits. We are about one more law away from the whole collapsing anyways.

    1. You seem to have a weird idea about how the EU works. Unlike the US we don’t have one big country with different states. We have lots of different countries with very different cultures, languages and social policies. You guys actually live in one country.

      It would make more sense to compare the US to Germany than to Europe because Germany has one federal government with 16 states like the US has one federal government with 50 states.

      But your problem isn’t big government (most of your state laws are a lot more stupid than your federal laws anyway), your problem is your political system. You guys are as close to being a third-world country as you can get within the so called Western world thanks to your oligarchy. The only freedom you have is the freedom for companies to bribe as many politicians as they want.

      Maybe you should try a proper democracy next.


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