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When I moved into my current place almost ten years ago I got incredibly lucky because I got a very affordable apartment in a very decent neighbourhood. I always knew, with rents skyrocketing left and right, especially in my city, that I couldn’t count on me not getting affected by the rental market going crazy.

And here were are, the day I dreaded so much came and I was notified that my rent is going to increase significantly. I’m currently trying to figure out if I can find a cheaper place but frankly finding any place is a tall order right now, let alone an affordable one.

I know most people aren’t doing super well in this economy and trust me, I’m feeling appropriately pathetic asking for help here but if you are comfortable enough and would like to help me trying to figure this out one way or another you’d have my eternal gratitude 🩷

You can support me below or on GoFundMe if you prefer that (and donations over $30 get a complimentary supporter account of course if you don’t have one yet).

Thank You!

Bluey gets a subtle queer moment

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At a time when quality children’s entertainment has never been harder to come by, the Australian cartoon Bluey has stood out from the rest.

The show  follows a family of anthropomorphic blue heelers as they face various day-to-day adventures together which often teach the family’s older daughter Bluey valuable life lessons.

The season three finale of the wildly popular show, which aired April 14, cantered on the show’s eponymous blue heeler puppy coming to terms with her family moving into a new house amid a wedding. However, the episode quietly introduced some LGBTQ+ representation as well: Bluey’s friend, a chihuahua named Pretzel, opened up about his pet guinea pig running away and casually mentioned having two moms.

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Supporter Special *56

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As a little thank you to the people who keep this site running with their support there are some special posts for them every now and then. This is one of these posts. That doesn’t mean everyone else gets less content! These posts are on top of the usual posts.

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